5 Years

Our first post was five years ago today. Thanks to all ya’ll for reading, commenting and ever buying anything based on our poorly-worded, heavily-biased recommendation.

Cough Cool “29” LP

Cough Cool, one of the coolest bastards we know, has a new album up for pre-order at Bathetic, one of the coolest fucking labels we know. Shit is way, way cool. 29 is $15 well spent at batheticrecords.com.

Ash Borer “Cold of Ages” 2xLP

At long last, the vinyl edition of Ash Borer’s Cold of Ages is made available to the general public. The limited edition package is presumably gone, if you don’t want to miss out next time, make sure you sign up for the strictly analog Pesanta Urfolk newsletter. Otherwise pick up the standard edition of Ash […]

Tape Tuesday: Moon Glyph

Well, this Moon Glyph label sure is on to something. We’re only covering their four most recent releases here, and they range in tone from hardline midwest psych to mutated tropical pop to codeine-drip dance music to good old-fashioned feel good summer vibes. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but the trip is exhilarating, […]

Tape Tuesday: Mark Bradley “A Collection – The First And Last Five Years” CS

A “career” spanning retrospective from Mark Bradley, housed in a bespoke wooden box with a folded insert. Exploratory ambient music from a name that doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough. Pro-dubbed tapes, limited to 50, available for €6 at agiantfern.bandcamp.com.

Lee Noble “Darker Half” LP

And suddenly, there is plenty of Lee Noble on vinyl (but still not enough). 2013 sees a new album and a reissue of the SLG classic No Becoming (obvious bias there, folks) on Bathetic. And now this: a vinyl reissue of his first cassette only album for Bathetic. The Darker Half LP edition was pressed by the […]

Lussuria “American Babylon” 2xLP

After a very limited and very out-of-print trilogy of tapes in 2012, Hospital Productions is releasing Lussuria’s American Babylon material as a 2xLP edition. Phantasmagoric ambient now available on vinyl at climbmountanalog.com or boomkat.com.

V/A “The Black Ideal” 2xLP

I’m not really sure if a more perfect compilation could be assembled for our particular tastes this year. The Black Ideal gets high marks from our judges based on the only criteria that matter to us at the moment, namely: finely crafted analog drone and techno. This eight track, 2xLP is sold out from the […]

Anthony Naples “El Portal” 12″ EP

In case you did not notice, weirdo techno is currently experiencing a resurgence of sorts, or at least being thrust back into some sort of underground limelight. We have no complaints, and one label we’ve recently become enamored with is The Trilogy Tapes. There are plenty of good tunes worth searching out on this label, […]

True Widow “Circumambulation” LP

Speaking of labels and unexpected signings, True Widow and Relapse doesn’t seem like the most intuitive of pairings and I’m unsure where the group’s brand of droney, stoney rock n’ roll fits into the “point, click, grind” mentality. We’re being facetious of course. Down with impotent genre tags and narrow-minded music listening. This is going […]