Roky Erickson “The Evil One” 2xLP, “Don’t Slander Me” 2xLP & “Gremlins Have Pictures” LP + 7″

Well, I don’t wanna get all hyperbolic up in here, but this is fucking amazing. Light In The Attic have just announced pre-orders for not one, but three reissues from Roky Erickson. The Evil One, Don’t Slander Me and Gremlins Have Pictures are all presented in tip-on, old school gatefold jackets with extensive liner notes. […]

Wolf Eyes “No Answer : Lower Floors” LP & Nate Young “Blinding Confusion” LP

We’re just going to post up a couple of noise records today because it’s Friday and why the fuck not? The newest LP from Wolf Eyes was greeted with no small amount of fanfare upon release earlier this year. Noiseniks have been jonesin’ for a fix from this band for a little bit. The CD […]

Locrian “Return To Annihilation” 2xLP

Well, this week marks the release of Locrian’s Return To Annihilation 2xLP on their new home at Relapse. We’ve been following the band since Drenched Lands was released, and it’s been truly awesome to watch them mature as artists and receive the recognition they deserve. Return To Annihilation marks another high point in their meteoric career, […]

Tape Tuesday: Best Available Technology “Excavated Tapes 1992​-​1999, Vol. 1” CS

6/25/2013 UPDATE: Stocked at Ever since his tape release on Further Records, we’ve been anxious to hear more from Best Available Technology. I thought this dude was fairly new to the “scene”, but judging by the title of his newest cassette, he has been around and kicking out jams ever since I was listening […]

Tape Tuesday: No Kings

Lee Noble, no stranger to amazing music (have you heard his recent album on Bathetic), has quietly been releasing beautiful tape editions under his No Kings imprint for quite some time, and the fact that they do not sell out instantly is a bit of a mystery to me. Each ones comes hand-numbered with a […]

Tape Tuesday: Knx. “Anthology” 2xCS

Leaving Records and Stones Throw present a double cassette of soul-tinged beats from Knx. Not entirely un-reminiscent of JDilla’s Donuts, this anthology packs in 53 beats from the past 4 years or so. Pop it in, zone the fuck out:

Sean McCann “Music For Private Ensemble” LP

The Deluxe Edition of Sean McCann’s Music For Private Ensemble will come on dark green marbled wax and packed with an additional 45 minutes of music on CD. This is limited to 200 pieces, so fans of the man’s droney, sun-drenched goodness will want to get in a reservation at

Deep Magic “Reflections of Most Forgotten Love” LP

Alex Gray takes his Deep Magic project for a spin, letting the deep and dubby vibes find their way onto a vinyl LP, pressed up for the Preservation label out of Australia. Get swept up in the electronic current, order at

Mgla Vinyl Reissues

Polish black metal doesn’t come much better than Mgla these days, nor much more out-of-print. Luckily, Northern Heritage has repressed pretty much the entire discography on vinyl, and these LPs have finally shown up in a select handful of premium North American distributors. If you’ve spun With Hearts Toward None as much as we have […]

Venus Star “Nigredo Expulsion” LP

Another cult Finnish act, another LP release from Kuunpalvelus. Venus Star wallows in gloomy black, death; a hypnotic and mesmerizing new LP for those smart enough to seek out this sort of thing. Again, you can pick this up from either or, but maybe not for long.