Tape Tuesday: Digitalis Presents The Afternoon Exchange (Prostitutes), Foodman, Aloonaluna

Three new tapes just popped up this morning on the Digitalis imprint, always a herald of quality jams. This batch for the dead heat of summer includes new spins from The Afternoon Exchange (also known as Prostitutes), Foodman and Aloonaluna. As always, the more you buy the merrier you will be. Individual links below or […]

Edward Artemiev “Solaris” OST LP

…and the soundtrack reissue craze continues. That’s okay, as long as labels can keep digging up much needed scores like this one: the original soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris. In proper fashion, there appears to be two editions at the moment. North Americans may look to Superior Viaduct for their edition, complete with one of […]

Jon Hopkins “Immunity” 2xLP

Jon Hopkins’ Immunity can be purchased on 2xLP from Domino Records in the US. Two 180 gram discs of heavy-weight dance music packed into a gatefold LP, easily one of the most euphoric releases this year. Pick it up in all its’ analog glory from dominorecordco.us.

20 Buck Spin Presents New Vinyl From Lycus and Mammoth Grinder

Get it while you can: limited-edition, colored vinyl from 20 Buck Spin. But don’t worry, both of these crucial 2013 offerings will stay in print (just not on colored vinyl). Both albums feature stunning artwork and killer tunes (albeit at wildly different tempos). While Lycus sling deadly doom riffs that crawl and ooze, Mammoth Grinder […]

Seefeel “Quique” 2xLP Reissue

Light In The Attic strikes 90’s gold, once again, with their Modern Classics series. This time, they’ve got Seefeel’s classic ambient-shoegaze album Quique in line for a thoughtful, well prepared reissue. This will be limited to 1,000 pieces with random copies coming on lovely and appropriately colored blue vinyl. The $20 pre-order is live right […]

Steve Moore “Positronic Neural Pathways” CS

Getting an early jump on Tape Tuesday here, since there is a good probability that this cassette edition of Steve Moore’s Positronic Neural Pathways simply will not last until tomorrow morning. 33 minutes of high-definition sci-fi synths on a high-bias tape with full color j-card. $7 at vcorecordings.com.

Sarcofago “INRI” LP

Good morning folks. If you aren’t starting your week off spinning this classic album from Sarcofago, then it’s probably because you don’t own a copy. Greyhaze Records is set to release INRI as a dual edition, one with the classic cover (orange) and one with a new, but still quite fetching cover (blue). Each edition […]

Agarttha “A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands” LP

King of the Monsters seems to be a criminally underrated label. Not sure why that is, I’ve just noticed that editions that should be sold out are not. Anyways, Agarttha dabbles in that weird, dark and droney music that seems to slither and trail slime through a multitude of genres. The first 110 copies are […]

Thou Art Lord “Regal Pulse Of Lucifer” LP

Long time standard bearers of the archetypal Greek black metal sound, Thou Art Lord come forth with a new album on the almighty Nuclear War Now imprint. No conventions are being destroyed here, rather adhered to for a supreme sound. Pick it up as a die-hard edition or on standard black wax over at nwnprod.com.

Digitalis: Ü “Great Dose Of Monotonous Techno” LP + Basic House “Caim In Bird Form” LP

What more could I say about this album that is not made readily apparent by the title of said album, Great Dose Of Monotonous Techno? Well, it’s certainly worth noting that this album comes from 1992, yet still sounds completely fresh within the modern context of technoid noise deconstruction. Aces! Pick it up at digitalisrecordings.bandcamp.com or […]