Halloween 2xLP

OH SHIT. We almost forgot about this new Halloween drop from Mondo. Luckily, this did not sell out instantly, but I wouldn’t pause for too long. You know the flippers are all over this one. The soundtrack to the greatest Halloween movie ever made, now available at mondotees.com (along with some mighty fine slipmats). Check […]

SUNN O))) – Black One 2xLP Repress

Finally, Black One has been repressed. Not really much else to say about that. One of the spookiest albums ever, and certainly worthy of a spot in your collection if it doesn’t already have one. Pick it up on black vinyl for $30 at sunnsl.bandcamp.com or white vinyl for $25 at sunn.southernlord.com.

Mortician – Chainsaw Dismemberment 2LP

We simply cannot seem to get enough of Mortician. Lucky for us, and anyone in the same boat, Hells Headbangers have been on a mission lately to reissue as much from these brutes on the vinyl format as they possibly can. Chainsaw Dismemberment is available on colored vinyl with an etched D-side at shop-hellsheadbangers.com.

Rituaal 7″

It is absolutely imperative that you check out this debut 7″ from Rituaal, a group consisting of members from Loss, Father Befouled and Encoffination. Suffocating conjurations of death available right now from parasiticrecords.bigcartel.com.

Ildjarn – Seven Harmonies of Unknown Truths LP

…and the Ildjarn vinyl editions just keep come rolling in. Three albums reissued for Season of Mist, a split with Hate Forest on Osmose, and here we have Seven Harmonies of Uknown Truths, an early demo presented in deluxe fashion by Eisenwald. Just blow your eardrums right the fuck out then, why not? Available in […]

Ildjarn / Hate Forest – Those Once Mighty Fallen 2LP

Misplaced recordings from both Ildjarn and Hate Forest, gathered together onto this split 2LP from Osmose Productions. Black metal fiends will be getting their knickers in a twist over this one, and we can’t blame ’em. Now available in the US from the ghouls at shop-hellsheadbangers.com.

Inquisition – Obscure Verses for the Multiverse 2xLP

Updated 10/31/2013: Pick up the brown vinyl edition at 20buckspinshop.com. Well, this is it, a new album from Inquisition and you can either go cvlt or go home, as the special edition comes bound in a genuine cow-leather sleeve. ‘Tis not for the sensitive vegetarians. Well, I suppose you could get the standard black vinyl […]

Immune Recordings – Pulse Emitter and Steven R. Smith/Ulaan Khol

Two new drops from Immune Recordings this Fall, including a stellar new planetary synth voyage from the master Pulse Emitter. Also available is a 2xLP from Steven R. Smith, with the second LP consisting of versions of the first LP re-recorded as Ulaan Khol. Minimalism versus maximalism in an aural battle to the death. The […]

New On Subtext – Emptyset and Roly Porter LPs

The Subtext label has two new vinyl offerings for the sonically adventurous among you. A proper analogue issue of Emptyset’s second album Demiurge, and the completely astounding new album from Roly Porter: Life Cycle of a Massive Star. You can stream the latter over at factmag.com and quickly be compelled to pick both of these up […]

Bardo Pond – Peace On Venus LP

Bardo Pond present their newest lysergic laced offering, a heavy dose of psychedelic ritual distilled onto a single vinyl LP. Really potent stuff, kids. Don’t mess about if you aren’t experienced — you’ll fry your lid. Pick it up at firerecords.com.