Tukaaria – Raw to the Rapine LP

For analog purists, Tukaaria have been accessible only to the die-hards for the last few years – those of us who were willing to take a chance ordering shoddily manufactured tapes from unreliable West Coast black metal consortiums. But, if you actually received a package in the mail, you were treated to some of the […]

Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein 4xLP

Any of you kids jockin’ Run The Jewels who have never heard of Cannibal Ox need to get real. Featuring the pristinely blunted production work of El-P, this is the undisputed highlight of the Definitive Jux catalog (well, I guess you could dispute that – that’s just like, my opinion, man). Out of print for […]

Alice Coltrane / Turiyasangitananda – Divine Songs LP

Pure spiritual and devotional music from Alice Coltrane. This 1987 album was previously only available on limited tape and CD editions, so if you are at all curious – I suggest you snatch up a piece from mimaroglumusicsales.com, littlebigchief.bigcartel.com or fusetronsound.com.

Agalloch “Pale Folklore” 2xLP

Updated 11/25/13: Anybody still looking for a copy of this can feel free to waltz on over to nwnprod.com to pick up a copy. The debut album from the much lauded lads in Agalloch. I’m hoping this marks the beginning of a comprehensive reissue of the entire catalog but if not, hell, it’s great to […]

Vasaeleth – All Uproarious Darkness LP

Ah Vasaeleth, how we have missed you. Leave it to Profound Lore and 20 Buck Spin to bring us this new 20 minute blast of unadulterated death metal. Another vinyl release available from 20buckspinshop.com, pick it up on the cheap with colored or standard black issue wax.

Vastum – Patricidal Lust LP

In case you have not noticed, 20 Buck Spin has outdone themselves this year with their stable of releases. Always a high mark within the veritable flood of metal-focused imprints, 2013 has been a particularly strong showing for this label. Case in point: this new LP from Vastum. The vinyl has alternate artwork from the […]

Grave Miasma – Odori Sepulcrorum 2xLP

The new Grave Miasma is at last available on a proper analog format for you to fully enjoy the warm embrace of death. This album was in fact captured via “vintage analog gear” so vinyl seems the only proper way to experience it. This is a release from Profound Lore and can be currently had […]