Grant Evans (ex-Nova Scotian Arms, Quiet Evenings)

Grant Evans from Quiet Evenings pulls out a great list for 2013. in no particular order Paysage D’Hiver – Das Tor (Kunsthall Produktionen) Pedestrian Deposit – Eleventh Hour (self released) Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson – Sun Of Late Afternoon (Hanson Records) Peste Noire – Peste Noire (La Mesnie Herlequin) Josh Mason – The Symbiont (Sunshine Ltd.) […]

Lee Noble Top Ten 2013

1. James Rushford & Joe Talia “Manhunter” 2. Felicia Atkinson “Visions Voices” 3. Cuushe “Butterfly Case” 4. Stephen Molyneux “Called To Leave” 5. Sparkling Wide Pressure “Stream Returner” 6. Robert Turman “Beyond Painting” (reissue) 7. Mick Turner “Don’t Tell The River” 8. Dirty Beaches “Drifters/Love Is The Devil” 9. Cough Cool “29” 10. Painted Caves […]

We Buy Your Kids Top Ten for 2013

Sonny from We Buy Your Kids wrote us a beautifully articulated piece on their favorites from 2013. Required reading here: I love this time of year — looking back and making lists, especially when it comes to music. Music is one of the most important things in the life of Biddy and myself, which is […]

André’s Best of 2013 List

André Foisy (also from Locrian) shares 10 (mostly) dark picks for 2013. 1) Volcano Choir “Repave” (Jagjagwar) Power ballad-y kind of stuff that I can listen to whenever and wherever: my apartment, during one of my yoga classes, while I’m at work, whenever. Infectious. 2) True Widow “Circumambulation” (Relapse) Some of the best songs that […]

Steven Hess (Locrian, Pan•American, Innode, and Haptic) Top 11 of 2013

Steven Hess from Locrian (among others) dropped off his top 11 picks for 2013. Sigur Rós – Kveikur (XL) Tim Hecker – Virgins (Kranky) Black Boned Angel – The End (Hand Made Birds) My Bloody Valentine – mbv (self released) Helen Money – Arriving Angels (Profound Lore) Pelican – Forever Becoming (Southern Lord) Volcano Choir […]

Spencer Hickman (Death Waltz) 2013 Favorites

Photograph: Tom Medwell Spencer Hickman from Death Waltz Records drops in to share some of his favorite titles from 2013. This isn’t a top ten (although it does contain ten titles). These are records I have enjoyed a lot throughout 2013 and just a fraction of the ones I have been going back to time […]

Ken Taylor’s 2013 Top Ten

Ken Taylor weighs in with ten great albums from 2013: in no particular order… 1. The Drones – I See Seaweed. Super awesome album from my all time favourite Australian Band. When the opening track kicks in it tears your head off and leaves you feeling uneasy for the rest of the album. Very close […]

Aaron Horkey’s 2013 Top 12

As usual, we will be posting a few top tens from of some of our favorite people to round out the year here at OMGV. So have some champagne, and check out some things that you may have missed. First off — the man, the myth, the legend — Mr. Aaron Horkey shares his favorite […]

Josh Mason’s Best of 2013

Josh Mason sent us over an awesome selection of his top picks from 2013. Definitely a lot to explore from one of our favorite emerging artists. With the sheer amount of music that is released these days, I could have easily made a Top 100 year end list. But I decided to really take a hard […]

SUNN O))) – LA REH 012 LP

SUNN O))) return with another rehearsal LP. For fans of the duo, this is as good as it gets until a new album surfaces, and limited at 1500 means you might not have a large window of opportunity to snatch it up. If you buy one more thing this year, make it this: