Symbol – Online Architecture LP

Immediately upon dropping the needle on this recent Holodeck joint, I was brought back to a dimly lit elementary classroom – Texas sunshine pouring through the window and catching dust motes in the air with a wash of light as they travel on the whims of the hot air being blown out by the over-heated projector – complete with warbled cassette […]

Joshua Bonnetta – Strange Lines And Distances LP

Experimedia presents the extended score to Joshua Bonnetta’s experimental film Strange Lines And Distances on vinyl. Handily, you also get a copy of the DVD (or Blu-Ray for an extra $5). Both are worth checking out – as you can see a lot of care and consideration went into the experience – but you are bound to be left spinning […]

The Field – From Here We Go Sublime 2xLP

For those of us who bought the From Here We Go Sublime 12″ some years ago, only to realize it contained only 3 tracks… well, RSD yields a long awaited 2xLP version of one of the best electronic albums to come out in the past decade. No remaster, no bonus tracks, just the straight dirt:

Pilgrim – II: Void Worship LP

Absolute doom from these lads on their second album, distilled into eight heavy doses and transcribed to vinyl, made available at Stream the album at

Koen Holtkamp – Motion LP

Koen Holtkamp of Mountains presents another solo outing for Thrill Jockey. Quality drones pressed on quality vinyl, what else could you ask for on a Monday morning? Pick it up on limited edition clear vinyl from

Popol Vuh Reissues

Updated 04/06/2014: These are all in stock at, don’t pass it up again. It makes me literally *cringe* to think that I have to spend $200 to own these Popol Vuh reissues, but it makes me *cringe* even more to think that I might miss out on them. These are limited to 500 and […]

Bestia Arcana – To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu 2xLP

At last the vinyl edition of Bestia Arcana’s full length is upon us. Those of us who managed to score a cassette a couple of years ago were treated to some finely crafted black metal and incredible, dark atmospheres. An album worthy of a spin on your turntable if ever there was one, pick it […]

Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise LP

Another fantastic black metal release, this one following up a well received cassette EP from Thantifaxath. This Canadian trio brings all the darkness and light of the North straight into your living room. Pick up a pre-order for April 15th from none other than

The Body – I Shall Die Here LP

Speaking of The Body… (did you pick up Released From Love yet?)… our more astute readers have surely noticed this recent collaboration between The Body and The Haxan Cloak was released. Could things be any bleaker? This is already sold out at (well, it has been up for awhile), but you can still snag a copy […]

Funereal Presence – The Archer Takes Aim LP

This full length from Funereal Presence kind of got passed over during all the hubbub over the new Teitanblood and that’s too bad because The Archer Takes Aim is exactly the kind of blood-freezing black metal you need in your life right now. This is coming to you from Bestial Devotion of Negative Plane, so […]