Chelsea Wolfe – The Grime and The Glow LP

Finally, those of us who showed up to the Chelsea Wolfe party one album late can catch up – The Grime and The Glow has been repressed and can be purchased over at Limited to 1000 on colored (well, actually it’s “grey/black smoke” so not really colored) vinyl. Mascara not included. The Grime And The […]

AEVANGELIST – Omen Ex Simulacra 2xLP

This one’s a bit of a sleeper and has been sitting in the drafts for several weeks, but there’s no time like a humid Friday afternoon to put on your headphones and rub a death metal belt-sander all over your brain. This 2xLP was released on Debemur Morti and can be picked up from Omen Ex […]

Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden 2xLP

A new album from Pallbearer is nothing to turn your nose up at, lest it roll right over you and grind your bones into pixie dust. Insurmountable heaviness. This is coming out on Profound Lore and can currently be ordered from the distributor at Guess what? It’s gonna be great. Foundations Of Burden by PALLBEARER

Brian Reitzell – Auto Music LP

We first became aware of Brian Reitzell’s music because of the TV show Hannibal, which he soundtracks. If you’ve seen the show, you may have noticed that there are only about 3 minutes of silence in every 43 minute episode – every other moment being subtly soundtracked with electro acoustic ambient (well, sometimes not so subtly […]

Chelsea Wolfe “Ἀποκάλυψις” LP

Updated 06/26/2014: repressed – A suggestion, if I may be so bold: go pick up this album right now. I was a little late to Chelsea Wolfe’s doom inspired folk, and by the time I went searching for a vinyl version, it was already long gone. Well that situation has been rectified, and there […]

PHORK – High End LP

NNA on vinyl is one of the best things to happen recently. I especially love how they seem to pick up artists from the Opal Tapes roster and give them their analog due. PHORK dabble in that bizarre sort of techno sound that’s all the rage with the kids these days. Impress said youngsters by […]

Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchesta – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything LP

I’m certain that a high percentage of our readers have a lot of shelf space dedicated to GYBE! and their offshoots – such is the nature of this musical collective and their fan base. Fact of the matter is: I’ve never felt a need to own a single record until this one. I’m not trying […]

Naked Island (Ensemble Economique & Felicia Atkinson) – s/t LP

This Peak Oil label is on a bit of a roll. So far, their release record is impeccable, and the two newest catalog numbers aren’t going to break that streak. They are both worth checking out, but today we are taking a look at Naked Island, which is an eponymous and predictably sublime collaboration from Brian […]


Remember that tape that you ordered that you never received? The one that you emailed the label about several times and were repeatedly told “this will ship next week” before all possibility of a reply or a PayPal refund were apparently sucked into some sort of cosmic black vortex (hmmm… maybe that’s what their logo represents). Oh, […]

Gevurah – Necheshirion LP

Gevurah have been a difficult band to track down for analog enthusiasts. Their demo was released as a hard to find cassette tape, and their follow-up was released as a CD by Profound Lore. So we can’t necessarily blame you for not checking these guys out yet… but you are officially out of excuses. Necheshirion […]