Sculpture – Video Plot Cassette Giveaway

Tuesday has come and gone, but we have some exciting tape related news that we can’t wait until next week to share. You may or may not be familiar with Software’s Mixware series, a recurring run of “mixtape” material culled from their roster of artists. We are now on #2 in the series, and this […]

Melvins – Bride Of Crankenstein 10″ + Night Goat 7″

Hold on to your butts. Buzzo and Dale have assembled yet another incarnation of the band (this time with two members of the Butthole Surfers) and proceed to rip through a whole new set of thick syrupy goodness, in typical absurdist Melvins fashion of course. You get everything from songs about crank to vocoded vocals […]

Robert Curgenven – They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them LP

Curgenven, who is no stranger to insanely long titles, has carved out a spot for himself in the realm of experimental composition that is fueled by tension and stasis. Hot on the heels of ‘SIRÈNE’ (released earlier this past summer) ‘They Tore the Earth and, Like a Scar, It Swallowed Them’ is a collection of […]

Mamiffer – Statu Nascendi LP

Mamiffer (husband and wife duo Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner) have emerged from fog filled lands to present ‘Statu Nascendi’. This record is stripped down in comparison to the group’s previous efforts and is to act as a conduit from the last full length to the next. The 4 movements found on this release find […]

Hohokum OST LP

So, Hohokum is a super rich and dreamy independent video game released earlier this year. If you have a PS4 and for some reason aren’t playing it, you need to go and rectify that before reading any further. If/once you have done so, you should then head on over the Ghostly International and pick up […]

Tape Tuesday: Tiger Village – V

Tim Thornton aka Tiger Village is killing here here on ‘V’ (the fifth tape in a series of his). Synths, samplers, tape loops and drum machines all collide to generate some absolutely whacked out elctronic…I mean, tech..actually wait, or…man, I don’t know whats going on here but its totally hypnotic and gaze widening. It’s something […]

Tape Tuesday: Persona Mercure – La Marche, Le Discours, Le Souper

This rad new tape, released on Hobo Cult, is best described as haunted chamber music. Taking center stage here is bowed double bass that swells and pulses while electronic components creak and chirp in accompaniment, making up for a lack of brass or percussive elements typically found in orchestral movements. It’s slow, plodding (but my […]

Bing & Ruth – Tomorrow Was the Golden Age Limited Edition 2xLP Giveaway

Seems like just last week we were praising the new album from Bing & Ruth. Well, it was. We’re a little worried that some of you did not take us seriously – so we’ve partnered up with the label to give away one copy of the limited edition, colored vinyl (now sold out!). You guys […]

Berk Offset – Die Riemannsche Vermutung 12″

Not really sure what’s going on here. There has a been some really great and really wonky techno records coming out this year, and this one is no exception. ‘Die Riemannsche Vermutung’ is a monster of minimal techno slinking and shuffling around a party with a limited range of motion…and may or may not have […]

Tape Tuesday: Aging – Troubles? I Got A Bartender

Lets talk about Tombed Visions for a second. The releases on this rad UK label have been flying under all the radars we’re aware of..but we’re going to change that. Not 100% on exactly when this tape from Aging was actually released, but what matters is that it seems to be available and this is […]