Wizard Rifle – Here In The Deadlights LP

As a newly minted 3-piece, Wizard Rifle rips through four intense tracks of buzzing riffage and psychosis on their new LP ‘Here In The Deadlights’ and yeah—it sounds pretty much like what the title would suggest. Equal parts syrupy sludge, celestial shimmering and frantic blasts are mixed up in this psychedelic assault that switch gears […]

Grasshopper – Dark Sabbath: Symbols Of Evil LP

Most times when you think ‘trumpet’, you think Miles Davis or some kind of jazz. What may not come to mind is Grasshopper. Jesse DeRosa and Josh Millrod (both are members of the Hex Breaker Quintet) employ brass, EVI’s, synths and other various electronics to lay down some evil reveille as a blood sun rises […]

Tape Tuesday: No Kings

Three new ones this week from LA based No Kings. You got your warped and hazy collage work from R. Lee Dockery & Smokey Emery, your high seas drones from William Cody Watson (feat. John Kolodij of High Aura’d) and your world weary field recordings from Sigbrand, all wrapped in excellent risograph artwork true to […]

Tape Tuesday: A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Sketch For Winter I:  New Christmas Classics 

Geographic North is dropping ‘Sketches For Winter’, a new sonic series exploring winter vibes (from December to March) through magnetic goodness. First up, we got tunes from A Sunny Day In Glasgow that breathe a poppy new life into the holiday season. Up next, we’ll be seeing releases from Mark Nelson (Pan American), Matt Lambert […]

Casual Strangers – S/T LP

Imagine you are stranded somewhere, on an island perhaps, or maybe in the desert. The sun (or maybe drugs) has baked your brain and the mirages begin to seem more life-like than ever. The self titled LP by Austin’s Causal Strangers pretty much sums up this scenario, but without the physical and mental degradation usual […]

Domains – Sinister Ceremonies LP

Righteous death metal from Spain – no swirling, no murkiness, no cavern-core posturing – just death metal. This is one of our favorite LPs in this genre to come out in 2014 and you can currently pick it up at theajnaoffensive.com or shop-hellsheadbangers.com. Sinister Ceremonies by DOMAINS

Tape Tuesday: Cassauna

If you are a collector of fine experimental audio, you are mostly likely familiar with Important Records. What you may not be aware of is their cassette division Cassauna. In the past couple of months they have released some of their best tapes yet, from Thomas Barriere and Alberto Boccardi. The former offers up some […]

Tape Tuesday: Notice Recordings

Notice Recordings is an Oregon/Louisiana based tape label that curates some of the best exploratory sound around with almost museum-like precision. If you are looking for compositions that require deep listening and thought, look no further than these new tapes from Ben Owen, Haptic, Chik White and Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers. These minimalist works […]

Loscil – Sea Island 2xLP

The new album from Loscil is not only available to purchase at kranky.net, its also streaming at the link below (from Tycho’s blog!). A whole 2xLP full of sub-aquatic dub and glacial ambient, and being committed to wax by one of the most astute labels around. Stream Sea Island here.

Medicine – Home Everywhere LP

Laner & Co. are back with a new fuzzy blissed-out Medicine record. ‘Home Everywhere’ sounds the way walking out into the light after being in a dark theatre feels. The band rips through two sides of 3-4 min pop burners that navigate their way through psychedelic corridors of layered guitar noise, aquatic vocals routines and […]