Josh Mason’s Best Of 2014

Favorite Album: Talk West – Black Coral Sprig (Preservation) Black Coral Sprig by Talk West Dylan Aycock has created a record that does one of my favorite things: it transcends season and location. ‘Black Coral Sprig’ works in the heat, the cold and everything in between. It’s a dusty neither-here-nor-there guitar record that is simultaneously […]

D’Angelo And The Vanguard – Black Messiah Vinyl Pre-order

I’ve only listened to it 30 times in the past three days so can’t for certain say whether Black Messiah is one of the best albums released this year or merely one of the best released this decade. The original press release via claimed a 2xLP but this listing looks like a single LP. It’s 56 […]

Mark Templeton + Kyle Armstrong – EXTENSIONS LP + DVD

‘Extensions’ is the inaugural release on Templeton’s new Graphical label, and man, right out of the gate they are killing it. This 12” + DVD combo release is a tribute to Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian author and media theorist. As with last year’s ‘Jealous Heart’ LP, Templeton has this fantastic way of utilizing tape manipulation […]

Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper 2xLP + Mr. Noah 12″ EP

It’s not as if we need the ecstatic new single “Mr Noah” to prove that the new album is going to be a highlight for 2015 but listening to it on repeat should at least help you solidify the decision to pre-order this limited edition of Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper. Two healthy slabs of vinyl plus […]

Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds In Country Music LP

You aren’t impressing anybody with your dilettante’s deconstruction of the piss-poor state of modern Country & Western music. Why not focus on something positive, man? Why not find an artist who represents everything that ever was and will be great about Country music and tell all your jaded, 30-something, micro-brew drinking buddies all about it? […]

Reagenz – The Periodic Table 3xLP

The Bunker New York is now shipping this 3xLP documentation of The Periodic Table, a collaboration of sound between Jonah Sharp (aka Space Time Continuum) and David Moufang (aka Move D). Recorded live off of a table full of analog hardware, each side represents 10-15 minutes of progression on what amounts to be a fully formed […]

Darkspace – Darkspace I 2xLP

Frostbite in outer space is infinitely more grim than frostbite on planet Earth. It is known. Darkspace channel cold, clinical soundwaves from the Outer Reaches, and now you can replay these transmissions with the added buffer of analog warmth. Darkspace I is now available as a 2xLP edition from Make sure to read their blurb about […]

Drexciya – Harnessed The Storm 2xLP

It’s a good time to start exploring the work of Detroit legends Drexciya. Their classic albums are being repressed on vinyl – thereby nullifying the exorbitant prices being charged on Discogs and Ebay. Harnessed The Storm, in particular, can now be picked up over at (and on sale, too). It also appears that all four 2xLP volumes of the […]

Author & Punisher – Drone Machines 2xLP

So, ‘Drone Machines’ by Author & Punisher (aka Tristan Shone) was originally released in 2010 on…CD? Yeah, we weren’t sure either. What matters is the NOW, people. Seventh Rule has finally ushered in a double LP version of this massive and brutal recording. Fans of any kind of industrial or doom metal will be way […]

Sleep – Volume One LP

You may or may not have noticed that Sleep’s Volume One has been repressed. That’s about as seminal of a stoner rock record as any basement-dwelling, couch-bound vinyl collector could hope for – so maybe find a way to part with one of your 20 variations of Dopesmoker and pick this one up on wax. Essential. […]