Rob Mazurek – Alternate Moon Cycles LP

So, this record came out last year. But we just found out about it, and its crazy that its not sold out. “Alternate Moon Cycles” by Rob Mazurek (of Chicago Underground/Isotope 217 fame) features two side length movements of droning organ, bass and cornet that shimmer and glow in a most agreeable way. The minimalist […]

Tashi Dorji – Appa LP

Released by Bathetic, “Appa” is the newest LP of solo guitar improvisations by Tashi Dorji. Some of the movements venture into American Primitive mode, while others veer close to free jazz territory. In either case…Dorji’s sometimes delicate, sometimes angular playing is masterful in the way it feels like its falling down the stairs, but with […]

Charles Cohen – Brother I Prove You Wrong 2xLP

Charles Cohen wields a single instrument: the Buchla Music Easel. The results of his focus are far from one-dimensional, however. Entire synesthetic worlds are painted for your mind’s eye. This is a new album from the maestro on the Morphine label (as opposed to his previous archive release) and is available right now from or

Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator LP

If you’ve been itching for some bestial black metal, Archgoat will scratch that itch until it is a gaping necrotic wound. There is simply no holding back here — nonstop, efficient aural barbarity with only enough room left to pause for some sacrilegious interludes and requisite animal slaughter. Pick it up from your friends at […]

Hollow Sunshine – Bring Gold LP

Reuben Sawyer. You may not be familiar with his name, but you’ve likely seen his art adorning records and merch for Chelsea Wolfe, Deafhaven, etc. Hollow Sunshine is his brain child and their new record is ready for pre-order from Iron Pier. “Bring Gold” is easily the best one yet from the illustrator-guitarist-drummer-singer & co. […]

Tape Tuesday: Akitsa – Grands Tyrans

With a vinyl release penciled in for August 2015, analog fiends will need to settle on tape if they are yearning to own a physical copy of the new Akitsa album (and they should be). At $13, this certainly falls into the “boutique” black metal price-point, but Akitsa is no joke, and the new album promises […]

Robag Wruhme – Cybekks 12″ EP

Our only gripe on this new 12″ EP from Robag Wruhme is that it is only a 12″ EP. We would love to hear another full-length from the project, but for now this is what you get: four splendid tracks. Pick it up from or

Holly Herndon – Platform 2xLP

That new Holly Herndon album you keep hearing about is available on vinyl, and there is still a small number of the special edition left (limited to 300, housed in a silkscreened poster). Get with it: Platform by Holly Herndon

BOOF – The Hydrangeas Whisper 2xLP

We’ve had BOOF on repeat all-week long, such is the tenacious quality of these deep-diving and funky ear-worms. At first blush, you may be inclined to lump this in with that hip, cosmic-Balearic disco that was en vogue a few years back, but that’s just because your third-eye is not fully blossomed and you are unable to yet […]

Evan Caminiti – Meridian LP

If you’ve been keeping pace, then most of you probably have at least an entire shelf dedicated to Barn Owl and Barn Owl related vinyl at this point. Your capacity to indulge is limited only by actual physics at this point, and who needs physics when you are indulging in such psychedelic, non-euclidean sound formations? […]