Tape Tuesday: HIRS – 2nd 100 Songs

You know what…lets get real about a good ol’ fashioned grind tape for this week’s installment of Tape Tuesday. The title of this trans/queer thrash collective’s recording pretty much says it all. 100 (101 actually) tracks of blistering blastbeats, unsettling samples and (somehow?) :00 long songs. Fans of ANb, Hellnation and, well…Nirvana, should take note. […]

Stars of the Lid 3xLP Represses

Huge news for bleary-eyed folks: Kranky is at long last making the 3xLP editions of two seminal works from Stars of the Lid available to order once more. Both The Tired Sounds Of… and And Their Refinement Of The Decline rank as some of the finest ambient music ever recorded (no exaggeration) and second-hand market […]

Nils Frahm – Music From The Motion Picture Victoria LP

It’s about time Nils Frahm release a proper film score. Sebastian Schipper’s film ‘Victoria’ provided Frahm with the perfect playground for his minimalist piano work. In addition to his feathered keys, there is guitar, violin and cello in the mix—barely—which creates a great moody backdrop for the bank robbery occurring on screen. Available now from […]

Dasha Rush – Sleepstep – Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends 2xLP

The 2xLP version of Dasha Rush’s Sleepstep was recently released into the world and all you somnambulists and insomniacs should take the opportunity to score an appropriately strange soundtrack for your strange nocturnal exploits. As usual, this exotic techno import is being distributed by forcedexposure.com, which means you shouldn’t have any problem tracking a copy down through […]

Föllakzoid – III LP

This has been out a couple of months but we totally slept on it, so hopefully if you were after one of Sacred Bones’ lovely special edition LPs then you were on the ball when we weren’t. This album has Föllakzoid wringing out a stunning survey of electronic and drone structures from a minimal palette, with assistance from none […]

Trevor Jackson – Format 3xLP

If you didn’t manage to collect all twelve limited edition pieces of obsolete media that comprised Trevor Jackson’s Format album, then despair not, The Vinyl Factory has collected the output as a 3xLP package. Much easier to keep track of then an assortment of CDs, cassettes, DATs and the like! Pick it up from redeyerecords.co.uk.

Tape Tuesday: Céleste Boursier-Mougenot – From Here To Ear

When Oval’s “Oh” EP came out a few years ago, were you bummed that there weren’t actually birds playing all that craziness? Well, you weren’t alone. The good news is that the fine folks behind the Cassauna Tape Company have issued Boursier-Mougenot’s installation of 70 Zebra Finches playing Les Pauls on cassette for proper home […]

Dawn Of Midi – Dysnomia 2xLP

Dysnomia was released in 2013 but was missing a vinyl pressing until recently, and what an album in need of a vinyl pressing – seeing as how it somehow locates and meticulously plots a non-existent intersection between the freeways of jazz, techno and acoustic music. Courtesy of Erased Tapes, who only trade in high-quality, high-fidelity vinyl – you can […]

Disclosure – Caracal LP

The lovely lads from Disclosure have got a new baby on the way, name of Caracal. This LP went up for pre-order a few hours ago, and it looks like if you pick it up from their official store you get a signed copy. There is also an art print available, so make sure to […]

Andrew Weathers Ensemble – Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything LP

Well thats encouraging! This is the first time Mr. Weathers & Co. have been properly pressed and the results are pretty killer. Fusing a love for ’00 emo bands, Drake lyrics, and modern experimental composition, “FEYCDA” is an introspective record that in theory sounds weird, but works really well at being equally fun and serious. […]