Hauntologists – s/t LP

Hauntologists drop a proper full-length; self-titled and crammed with propulsive techno tunes. You can pick this LP up right now from amoeba.com. Hauntologists by Hauntologists

Trouble Knows Me (Madlib) 12″ EP

So Sam Herring is a dope MC that occasionally moonlights as the lead singer for some band called Future Islands and Otis Jackson Jr. is some jazz cat that occasionally releases beat tapes or whatever as Madlib. Together they form Trouble Knows Me and released an EP called Trouble Knows Me which contains a track called “Trouble […]

Blasphemy – Fallen Angel of Doom LP

Blasphemy’s Fallen Angel of Doom was hugely influential in the development of the “war metal” sound (whatever that means to you) and is available on vinyl once again, having been recently reissued by the only label really fit to do so: Nuclear War Now. Die-hards are disappearing, so purchase now or die softly another day, sweet prince: nwnprod.com. Fallen […]

Alessandro Cortini – Risveglio 2xLP

There has been no shortage of Alessandro Cortini vinyl in the last couple of years, but the newest LP from the synth sadist may even eclipse last year’s sublime Sonno. Once again released via Hospital Productions, the new album Risveglio is available right now from forcedexposure.com, amazon.com, boomkat.com, redeyerecords.co.uk or your local record store.

M.E.S.H. – Piteous Gate LP

The debut album from M.E.S.H. is dystopian sci-fi scenery rendered in cinematic sound: your personal soundtrack for a hellish journey into the cybernetic heart of darkness. Pick this up from the always excellent PAN imprint via experimedia.net or forcedexposure.com.

René Audiard – s/t 4×12″

Deep, minimal, lush: these are all words that we use to describe the techno that we love. The new album from René Audiard covers all the bases and is being released as four separate 12″s – just to make sure you actually put in some work to obtain the whole album. Still, you can take care of […]

Portal – Swarth & Seepia Reissues

No other group conjures the madness of Portal. It would simply not be possible for two bands to concurrently wield such eldritch powers and have the earth not implode. Their vinyl catalog, once extremely hard to come by, has been given the distribution it deserves thanks to Hells Headbangers. Do not prolong the slow march toward ancient, unknown horror […]

Natural Snow Buildings – Terror Horns LP

What’s not to love about the new Natural Snow Buildings record? The duo’s penchant for dark and beautiful songcraft? The celestial drones stripped of their feathers and dragged through the dirt? The Texas Chainsaw cover art aesthetic? These guys have enough kvlt to go around and then some. Terror Horns is currently on pre-order for the […]

Pig Destroyer – Prowler In The Yard LP

The Relapse Reissue series is finally picking up some steam. Following up immediately on two classic releases from Neurosis comes this crucial pick from grindcore’s finest, Pig Destroyer. Looks like the silver vinyl is already sold out, but you can still pick up some gnarly splatter vinyl at relapse.com.

Domenique Dumont – Comme Ça 12″ EP

That sound that you were looking for? Domenique Dumont found it for you. An inexplicable and immediate EP of eccentric electronic pop baked to perfection in the late summer sun. Pick this one up now from antinote.bigcartel.com, redeyerecords.co.uk or pbvinyl.com. ATN020 – DOMENIQUE DUMONT – COMME ÇA by Domenique Dumont