Co La – No No LP

While you slept, your computer manufactured some synthetic designer-drug software and executed a few times. When you woke up and had to reboot, the startup chime had been replaced with the new Co La album. Or you could have just picked it up on vinyl from and/or cassette tape from Serious software jams from Software.

Kamasi Washington – The Epic 3xLP

If you’ve managed to track down and wear the grooves out on every Coltrane bootleg out there, then you owe it to yourself to inject some new blood into your record collection. Most write-ups about the new Kamasi Washington album aren’t going to miss an opportunity to drop a mention of Kendrick Lamar in for […]

Psychemagik presents Magik Sunset Part 2 2xLP

There is no shortage of great tunes out there that have been lost to the obfuscation of time and/or location. However, there is a considerable shortage of time for most of us to go digging that gold up out of the stratified layers of obscure musical history. So if you are not currently suffering from a […]

Pure Ground – Standard Of Living LP

Time to get miserable, dudes. Chondritic Sound is on a mission to set the standard for labels releasing quality, experimental electronic mayhem, and the new LP from Pure Ground is a blunt affirmation of said mission. Drown in the sound over at and do yourself a favor by picking up one of the last couple of […]

King Midas Sound / Fennesz – Edition 1 LP

King Midas Sound, the narcotic infused side-project of The Bug’s Kevin Martin, has announced a forthcoming series of collaborations that will total four in all. The first collaboration, titled, ahem, Edition 1, is a pairing with none other than Fennesz, Austrian guitar and electronics wizard. Two titans of sound conspiring to release an LP’s worth of music? […]

Circe 2xLP (by members of Sigur Rós)

There’s nothing quite like some new Sigur Rós vinyl to get collectors clutching at their pocketbooks and setting hearts aflutter with board-drama theatricality. This ain’t that, but it is new music from the entirety of Sigur Rós minus their little known frontman Jónsi and composed specifically for The Show Of Shows. You can pick up […]

Second Layer – World Of Rubber 2xLP

Second Layer is a side project of two members of The Sound. World Of Rubber collects the output of Misters Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey onto one tidy 2xLP package and presents it back to the world that might have missed it, skipped it, or maybe just weren’t around for it. Here’s your second chance at […]

Beach House – Depression Cherry LP

Well this is it! This is the week! The week that the new album from the ever reliable dream-pop juggernaut that is Beach House hits record stores shelves. So tomorrow, Tuesday, march to your local record store, plunk your $20 on the counter, and listen to the clerk try to explain to you for the […]

Novella – Land LP+7″

Novella wield a sound that is very much melded of their influences. We could start naming names, but this is a pointless exercise within a music publication that trades glossy pages for embedded play buttons. Besides, you can read all about that type of stuff while you are placing your order at

Nest Egg – Respectable LP

Krautrock via North Carolina beamed straight to your current locale on the wondrous waves of modern analog recording and playback technology. Bathetic are no slouches when it comes to this sort of thing; expect endless motorik magick courtesy of Nest Egg to emanate and resonate in exceptional high-fidelity: