Magister Templi – Into Duat LP

The new Magister Templi album is out and it is glorious. No vinyl copies have surfaced in the US yet, but the label should be shipping them out shortly! Experience the true majesty and might of peerlessly crafted Heavy Metal: Into Duat by MAGISTER TEMPLI

Ugly Casanova – Sharpen Your Teeth 2xLP

Well it’s about damn time:

DJ Richard – Grind 2xLP

The Dial label is always reliable for some sumptuous electronic sounds, and this full length from DJ Richard fits nicely into the imprint’s sparkling landscape of house and techno records. North American folks can pick this up at

Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth LP

The eyeless horde returns on Relapse with a new slab of crushing, funereal death metal. Four long tracks embalmed in wax – a timely reminder that Halloween is coming soon, and your death will come sometime after that. Pre-orders are up on colored and black vinyl at Darkness Drips Forth by HOODED MENACE

Airbird & Napolian – Mr. Foolish LP

Software label affiliates Airbird and Napolian return with a full LP of wide eyed electronic music. Aimed for the cosmos and propelled along the finest beat driven trajectories, this one belongs on your turntable come November. Pre-order is up over at and 200 copies will come on grey colored vinyl.

Cirith Ungol Vinyl Reissues

These crucial reissues from the mighty Cirith Ungol have already gone out of stock at one reliable US distro, so don’t miss your chance to snatch them up again. These are on Metal Blade, fully official, and you can expect quality. Currently available from

Holy Sons – Fall of Man Test Pressing Giveaway

Not only is Emil Amos one of the hardest working dudes we know (see Grails, Om, Lilacs & Champagne) but he is also one of the raddest. It seems every other month, not only is he blessing your turntable with a new vinyl platter, but he is also giving away a test pressing to the […]

Baldruin – Portal LP

With the longest song clocking it at barely over 4 minutes, Portal presents a concise album of drone-inspired electronic pieces from Baldruin. Considering that the limited edition LP is being offered in a scant edition of 260 pieces, well, we wouldn’t necessarily sit around on this one if you are digging on it: Portal by […]

Moufang / Czamanski – Live In Seattle LP

David Moufang (Move D) occasionally works with Juju & Jordach under the name Magic Mountain High. That’s cool. Apparently only one half of Juju & Jordach made it out to play this event in Seattle, however, so it is simply being billed as Moufang / Czamanski. No complaints here, we look forward to new sounds […]

Brian Ellis Group – Escondido Sessions LP

The Escondido Sessions from Brian Ellis Group sounds (and looks) like a dusty gem plucked from a forgotten corner of some burned-out hippie’s garage sale. The label’s writeup namedrops all the proper groups, and true enough: fans of Can, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Tortoise, etc. will assuredly find something to groove on here. Available from or in […]