Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Fragile Geography LP

When played at proper volume, the music of Rafael Anton Irisarri effects the air around you in such a way that when the record ends, it feels like the atmosphere has been sucked out of the room. A longtime favorite here at OMGV, the man is back with a new album on the esteemed Room […]

Akitsa – Grands Tyrans LP

You may have skipped the tape edition way back when, instead opting to weather your patience against the never-ending pressing plant backlog in anticipation of this: a freshly stamped vinyl copy of the new Akitsa album. This is now available for distribution, and you must know that our friends at experimedia.net are stocking copies for all […]

Heat Dust LP

It’s no secret that some competent post-punk worship is the way into our hearts (and onto our record players) and Heat Dust lay it down with aplomb. The Flenser serves up this taut slab on black and/or colored vinyl. Add to your collection via nowflensing.com. Heat Dust by Heat Dust

Grimes – Art Angels LP

This is really happening. The new Grimes album is available for pre-order. No, for real this time, you guys. Assuage your eyeballs upon the new video below, then traipse on over to shopusa.4ad.com to plunk down your dollar bills.

Swans – White Light… + Love Of Life Vinyl Boxset

Swans’ onslaught of reissued albums continues with a boxset edition of 1991’s White Light from the Mouth of Infinity and 92’s Love of Life. As with everything from the Michael Gira discography: these are crucial picks for your collection. Individual vinyl editions will be made available after the boxset sells out but why would you wait for […]

Popol Vuh – Nosferatu The Vampyre 2xLP

For those of you who don’t wake and sleep according to the release schedule of colored vinyl soundtrack reissues, you may have missed this one: Waxwork Records have conjured up an official version of Popol Vuh’s masterful scoring of Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu The Vampyre. We managed to score a copy at Mondocon, and can attest to the quality […]