Petre Inspirescu – Vin Ploile 2xLP

Perhaps it is the fact that previous vinyl pressings from Petre Inspirescu are so unattainable, or perhaps there is just a fetish for music from musicians whose names we cannot pronounce, but I did not hesitate for one second in placing an order for Vin Ploile. A sublime body of electronic work built up around an organic core, […]

Kangding Ray – Cory Arcane 2xLP

High-fidelity electronic music is a joy to playback on vinyl. The raster-noton label certainly has such in abundance, but Kangding Ray sets the bar for clinical execution, even amongst his peers. The new album is Cory Arcane, and is available as a 2xLP on pre-order from

Tape Tuesday: Benoit Pioulard – Stanza I & II

In keeping with the ‘cooling off’ theme from last week, lets talk about Benoit Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch) and his ‘Stanza I & II’ tape out on BARO/Beacon Sound. The tape, as the title suggests, combines both Stanza releases onto one release. 12 tracks of crunchy, crinkly tape drones of the highest order in a […]

Kindling – Galaxies 12″

Not long ago (Edit: Actually, exactly one year to the day. Crazy!), we discussed Kindling’s ‘Spike & Wave’ 7”. The Massachusetts’ fuzz unit took all the great things about that record, amplified (badum-tshhh) them x10, and are now releasing the gem that is their new ‘Galaxies’ 12” EP on No Idea. 4 huge tracks of […]

Floating Points – Elaenia LP

Shame on us for not paying attention, but the last time I picked up a Floating Points 12″ it was just for gratuitous self indulgence in some luscious disco-leaning house. The debut full-length from the moniker of one Sam Shepherd (and band, apparently) did not register until an errant workday stream from (you should go do that now, as well). Turns out […]

Tape Tuesday: Erik Maluchnik – Inflorescences

Hey, Tape Tuesday! Remember that? Took a little bit of a break on it, but we’re back in the saddle to talk about this new tape out by Erik Maluchnik, ‘Inflorescences’, on Northern Ashram out of Detroit in an edition of 100 copies. It’s starting to get frosty in some parts of the world, and […]

Regis – Manbait 2×12″

Much to the chagrin of the besotted oaf quoted on the hype sticker, Blackest Ever Black has recently compiled an armful of Regis’ imperial techno productions for their label. The vinyl edition leaves off a few remixes, but still stands strong at two killer tracks per side. I recently walked into a real-life literal record […]