Acronym – June 2xLP

At long last, 2015’s finest and least attainable techno release looks to be receiving some sort of repress. This 2xLP from Acronym starts off all opulent ambience before descending slowly into exquisite and pulsing techno on the second half. Snatch it up before it disappears again; pre-orders are currently up at June by Acronym

Shape Worship – A City Remembrancer LP

Personally, I have never been to London. Yet this album reminds me of it. Such is the power of Shape Worship’s narrative, that it is bound to implant false memories of a night bus through a city under siege by gentrification. A City Remembrancer is the debut LP from this young man, and is truly […]

Mammatus – Sparkling Waters 2xLP

Last time we checked in with Mammatus, they were laying it down pretty heavy. Well, turns out they still are, but the side long jams on the newest LP seem to have been infused with a bit of cosmic loft, perhaps to more closely align the music with the band’s moniker. In any case, fans of […]

Four Tet – Pink 2xLP

When it was announced that Four Tet’s prolific 12″ release catalog would be memorialized on a CD compilation called Pink, it didn’t do much to assuage the anxiety felt by those of us who love Four Tet, have no more room for 12″s, and do not buy CD’s. What a miserable life we lead, eh? […]