Meyers – Negative Space (1981-2014) LP

If you have ever been on drugs, of any kind, then you are familiar with the idea of oscillating between lucidity and obscurity. ‘Negative Space’ is kind of like an audio version of that same sensation. Unable to exert himself, Meyers chronicles the time passed during recovery from surgery, utilizing field recordings, computers and contact […]

Skee Mask – Shred 2xLP

The first great techno release of the year has arrived on none other than the excellent Ilian Tapes label (run by the Zenker Brothers). Skee Mask rolls out some choice breakbeat driven cuts on Shred and the album format suits him well, allowing for plenty of moody exploration and even a few ambient pieces. Haven’t seen […]

Tape Tuesday: Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

Fans of samurai films, kabuki theatre and sound design take note. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides is releasing two full length recordings on two separate UK labels simultaneously: ‘Aulos’ Second Reed’ and ‘Oh Sylvia’ on the always excellent Tombed Visions and the fantastically minimal Sacred Tapes respectively. All told, you have over an […]

Skáphe – Skáphe² LP

Fallen Empire have added a few dark gems to their webstore over the weekend, including the vinyl pressing of the second album from Skáphe. This one-man black metal force has been augmented into a duo, thanks to the addition of vocals from D.G. of Misþyrming. Pressed on red or black vinyl and available right now from Skáphe² […]

Matmos – Ultimate Care II LP

Remember back when Matmos made an album that consists primarily of samples of medical procedures, including plastic surgeries, liposuctions, hearing tests and bonesaws? Well, they are getting weirdy on us again with ‘Ultimate Care II’ – making great use of a Whirlpool Ultimate Care II model washing machine. It starts like you might expect, with […]

Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten 3×12″

Another slept on release from 2015, which was utterly sold out by the time year end lists started pouring in. Stephan Bodzin’s Powers of Ten is a rollercoaster of emotion and melody, and may induce pangs of MDMA-fueled nostalgia for those of us who have done time in dirty basements listening to Trance go mainstream. […]

Ash Koosha – GUUD LP

Electronic music continues along its strange new trajectory, and alongside the obvious standouts from last year (Arca, Visionist, Rabit, etc.) you could be forgiven for passing over Ash Koosha’s brilliant input (I know we did). Olde English Spelling Bee has got that tasty vinyl pressing of last year’s GUUD album almost ready for you, and you […]

Creation Is Crucifixion – Antenna Builder / Rerecorded Splits + Live In Geneva 2xLP

Back in the late 90’s, CIC put the ‘tech’ in tech-metal. Their Hacktivist Media group/Carbon Defense League not only issued their own records, but other projects including the theoretical reverse engineering of Nintendo Gameboys and another one that utilized a website that “let people truly name their own price on retail goods by printing out […]

Inventing Masks – s/t LP

Giuseppe Ielasi (mastermind behind the always excellent Senufo Editions label) is dropping some gauzy, woozy jazz-hop on us. Is jazz-hop a thing? Might be now. ‘Inventing Masks’ is a killer looping/ambient drunken walk. You know the kind. Slightly off-kilter, but feels so good? Yes, exactly. Almost feels like it could be instrumentals for a long […]

Chthe’ilist – Le Dernier Crépuscule 2LP

Dark Descent Records takes on vinyl pressing duties for the debut album from Chthe’ilist. Lovecraftian points of reference seem like the obvious schtick here, but according to the band: the lyrics are either original stories, or are directly referencing The Legend Of Zelda. And the music? Well, it crushes. Pick up a pre-order on super sexual swamp green […]