Wolves In The Throne Room – Diadem Of 12 Stars 2xLP

Long since out of print, Wolves In The Throne Room are bringing back their Diadem Of 12 Stars vinyl edition in remastered form. This edition celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the record and is available on Cascadian-approved “green mist” vinyl limited to 1000 units (black vinyl is also available). Shop now at shop.wittr.com.

TM404 – Acidub 2×12″

May 2nd will see the return of one of OMGV’s favorite, stripped-back techno projects in the form of the second 2×12″ from TM404 aka Andreas Tilliander jamming out on a very limited set of hardware. Acidub is more lush and analog sound for your living room hi-fi and/or weirdo club night of your choosing; pick it […]

Khanate – Self Titled/Things Viral+ 2xLP

For the uninitiated, Khanate (now defunct) was the experimental O’Malley/Plotkin/Wyskida/Dubin doom quartet that breathed a new light (or swallowed it, depending on how you see things) into the heavy scene back in 2001. For years now, both ‘Things Viral’ (their best, in our humble opinion) and ‘Khanate’ have been out of press, but Hydra Head […]

Plebeian Grandstand – False Highs, True Lows LP

Hey, is Spring getting you down? Too much sunlight? Birds chirping? Well we got a way to introduce a little blight into your happy world. The French collective Plebeian Grandstand have a new ripper, packed to the gills with asymmetrical dissonance and blackened tech that is sure to pummel (in the best possible way of […]

Kettel – Wingtip 2xLP

They don’t make ’em like they used to, and even when they try, they come up pretty damn short. But let me get off of that “get off of my lawn kick” and point you towards the new album from Kettel: Wingtip; in which you will find all the squelchy acidic goodness and pastoral melodies you remember […]

Dorisburg – Irrbloss 2xLP

Killer rhythms and glossy melodies from the Dorisburg project. This “double EP” plays straight through like a proper album, and while you could accuse it of not having enough firepower to fill up the dancefloor, it’s bound to keep your living room bumping. Grab a copy from redeyerecords.co.uk. Irrbloss by Dorisburg

Tape Tuesday: Olli Aarni – Muovia

Finland’s own Olli Aarni is back with a new tape on the always excellent and top notch Australian imprint Preservation. ‘Muovia’ (which translates to ‘plastic’) features two side length movements of Aarni’s whispy trademark treatments of plundered goodness inspired by the lazy river vibes found on dusty New Age tapes and records. All this, and […]

Zach Cooper – The Sentence LP

‘The Sentence’ is a new LP of modern composition from Zach Cooper, and its pretty killer. Made up of contemporary recordings and early bedroom experiments, the record has a great nostalgic and spiritual tilt to it. Rambling guitars, synths, horns, woodwinds – all tiptoeing around, doing a great job of providing a listening experience similar […]

Ital Tek – Hollowed 2xLP

For your dark techno fix this month, look no further: Ital Tek has dropped his fifth album, and it’s his best work to date. Although more straightforward than some of the more obtuse electronic offerings this year (ahem… Roly Porter), Hollowed reveals layers and depth upon repeated listening, and still retains enough pulsating sub-frequencies and percussive chug to […]

Dälek – Asphalt For Eden LP

Dälek is a bit of an anomaly in the hip hop world. Or, they were, until groups like Death Grips showed up. But you know, maybe thats what happens when you take a break for 6 years? Having shared the stage with everyone from RJD2 to ISIS, they’ve made a name for themselves in the […]