Huerco S. – For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) 2xLP

Huerco S. switches modes and releases one of the best ambient records of recent memory. Nine tracks of residual dance-floor melody roll out of the speakers, collect in the corners, and send tendrils up the walls. Enjoy in solitude and silence, or with a group of friends shuffling out of consciousness. Pre-orders are live from […]

Thee Oh Sees – Live In San Francisco LP + DVD

I’m sold on the cover photograph alone, but if you need more convincing: it is worth mentioning that Thee Oh Sees are objectively proven to be the greatest live band of all time. Or so I’ve heard; I’ll have to rely on documentation like this in order to confirm:

Whitney – Light Upon The Lake LP

Blame it on their recent ascent to the hallowed ranks of Pitchfork’s BNM –or just the fact that Whitney hit all the key Dad Rock notes which vinyl collectors love so much – but the joyous, golden-hued debut from this group seems to already be getting scarce on our favorite analog format. If this isn’t the perfect soundtrack for ringing […]

T_A_M – In Tandem LP

Here’s an unexpected turn from this Scottish grime producer, but you can be certain that nobody in the OMGV camp is complaining. Never enough bucolic electronica in the world, is there? T_A_M makes it seem so simple, too. Pick up a copy on vinyl (limited to 300 pieces, mind) over at In Tandem by T_A_M In Tandem […]

Mourn – Ha, Ha, He. LP

In a world of overblown and self-important artist albums, there is something incredibly refreshing about a short and taut collection of music delivered in under 30 minutes with absolutely no fuss. The 2nd album from Mourn is just that: refreshing, guitar based songs that almost all clock in under 3 minutes. The special edition vinyl is […]

A Sagittariun – Elasticity 2xLP

We will end the workweek on a whimsical note, and point you, our beleaguered reader, toward this electronic gem from A Sagittariun: the new 2xLP Elasticity. The theme is dreaming – the record is divided by vocal snippets dealing with such – and the soundscapes between them yield layers of technicolor beauty with repeated listens. This is an album proper, not just a collection of tracks […]

Slutet – s/t LP

If you’re on the edge, and need a good shove into the abyss, Slutet can provide that. This music is heavy and psychedelic like the worst kind of out of control acid trip: psychedelic as in the Manson murders, psychedelic as in cutting your own face off. Apparently, the only way to acquire these demos previously was to send the band […]

Bad Breeding – s/t LP

Oh my goodness, hello there! Bad Breeding play vitriolic punk rock in no sort of safe or digestible way – the way punk rock should always be played. You can pick up their self-titled full-length at a reasonable price (even after conversion rates and import cost) or just download the WAV files for free at […]