Tape Tuesday: Rope Sect – Personae Ingratae

As far as we’re concerned, there could not possibly ever be enough suicidal, post-punk inspired rock ‘n’ roll. Pressed hot and magnetic onto cassette tape in order to adequately soundtrack your next failed attempt at killing yourself. Orders can be placed right now at caligarirecords.storenvy.com. Personae Ingratae by ROPE SECT

Venenum – Trance of Death LP

Has progressive-psychedelic-death become the dad-rock of the metal genre? I’m not a dad, so I wouldn’t know. In any case, for their LP debut, Venenum steer their ship toward the same strange waters recently charted by Morbus Chron and Tribulation. Pick it up at theajnaoffensive.com. Trance Of Death by Venenum

Davy Kehoe – Short Passing Game 12″ EP

Wah Wah Wino proves itself an imprint to keep your eyeballs on with this newest 6 track, 40 minute “EP” from Davy Kehoe. We start completely off the rails with the title track and it never really gets any less… weird. Electronic music needs more of this particular brand of madness. Short Passing Game is currently flying […]

Federico Durand – La Niña Junco LP

Argentinian composer Federico Durand has a new LP on the always quality 12k label (which we are stoked is doing more vinyl.) La Niña Junco is made up of two sides of minimal floating tones performed on a dusty old Crumar Performer synthesizer and filtered through a handful of effects. Durand’s music is always very […]

Tape Tuesday: Daniel Araya – Seven Sister EP

Dungeon acid on cassette, limited to 50 pieces. No artificial sheen or ambient interludes to offer you or your headphones any respite, just a straight trip through a crumbling vortex. Pick it up from classicworks.bandcamp.com. Daniel Araya – Seven Sister Ep (CWS014) by Daniel Araya

the spirit of the beehive – pleasure suck LP

We’ve been riding high on the warm and fuzzy vibes of this LP for a couple of weeks now, and if the lukewarm Pitchfork review caused you to neglect it, we suggest you re-evaluate. pleasure suck ticks exactly all the right boxes for us, and is bound to be in heavy rotation as the Midwest […]

Emperor X – Oversleepers International LP

Jacksonville by way of Berlin troubadour Emperor X (aka former chemistry teacher, math tutor, and physics graduate student Chad Matheny) is serving up a new full length following up his killer 2011 LP Western Teleport. Oversleepers International finds Matheny blending his familiar sharp wit with humor and poignancy, all backed by a toolbox of instrumentation. […]

Oxbow – Thin Black Duke LP

After ten years of whispers and speculation, the time has come for the genre bending genius of Oxbow to present Thin Black Duke. Fans of the more recent output from the band will see this as a clear progression of the Oxbow procession. Scatterbrain vocal delivery, melody & discord, and…brass, apparently. Pre-orders up now at […]