5 Years

Our first post was five years ago today. Thanks to all ya’ll for reading, commenting and ever buying anything based on our poorly-worded, heavily-biased recommendation.


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  1. Thanks for the years of informative and entertaining posts that have made OMGV one of my few daily reads. Keep ’em coming.

  2. I’ve bought plenty on your … “poorly-worded, heavily-biased recommendations”. … agreed, keep em coming.

  3. Thanks for all you do for the sake of good music and record junkies in general! You’ve helped me discover tons of great stuff. Here’s to many more years!

  4. Muchas gracias, my dudes.

  5. My day is not complete unless I’m directed toward yet another OMGVinyl recommendation. Keep it up, and THANK YOU!

  6. check in everyday… even the weekends doh!

  7. Thank YOU guys! I could easily fill a crate or two of albums I discovered via OMGV. Keep goin’, dudes!

  8. Thanks guys

  9. definitely awesome stuff you cover. I’ve picked up fifteen or twenty records on your recommendations and am more than happy with all. I’m sure you’re proud of the site!

  10. yes – thanks: you’ve posted some great stuff i wouldn’t have heard about otherwise (s. maharba!). also appreciate tape tuesday, and some of the great stuff sweatlodge guru has released. i’ll be checking-in for the next five……

  11. keep ’em coming- always keen to read your stuff even if it ain’t my cup of tea 90% of the time- it’s the 10% that matters!

  12. xoxoxoxo

  13. Everyday is an OMG day! Thanks so much!

  14. here’s to another five! cheers!

  15. he-he, my brain hurts a lot

  16. Thanks for all your hard work!

  17. Thank you for being the one vinyl blog that I check on a regular basis. I’ve found some awesome new music though you folks. That’s an invaluable gift!

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