A Brand New Cassette from Ash Borer

Black metal gods-in-the-making Ash Borer have a brand new tape out full of fresh material, we are freaking out. The band made these pro-printed tapes for their tour, but they’re also releasing some online. The new songs are as fierce as anything they’ve done before, plus they’ve upped the production value considerably. There is a reason you’re hearing so much about Ash Borer lately, they are the future, they are one of the most exciting metal bands to emerge in years. If you’re a tape hater, more formats will follow, but some of us couldn’t possibly wait that long. Soak it in, essential gear. Limited to 150 copies for $6 (along with a killer new shirt design) at Psychic Violence.


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  1. “Sorry, “Ash Borer Cassette” couldn’t be added to your cart because they’re all being held in other buyers’ carts. Buyers have 30 minutes to checkout, after which it may become available again.”

    Noooooooo! You greedy bastards!

  2. Heh… I was one of those bastards with one in my cart. Unfortunately I am at work and got bogged down with a million other things and forgot to finish buying it.

    Anyone know if these are available elsewhere?

    In the post you said “more forms will follow.” Vinyl?
    Damn, I wanted that tape, though!

  3. annnnnnnnnnnd gone

  4. Why in the fuck would they limit this to 150? I wanted to get one, but didn’t think it would sell out in 1 day!

  5. What, you people haven’t figured this shit out yet?

    OMGV is the “Colbert Bump” of small run cassettes and vinyl. If they highlight something, you’d better get it within hours, especially with tapes, because apparently they’re officially the super-hot retro shit.

  6. i think bands are against me, always selling limited awesomeness when i have no money. looking at you SLG! haha

  7. *and distros, that is

  8. I got lucky and got one this morning. I got the try again in 30 minutes thing and tried in almost exactly 30 minutes and got one.

  9. Pretty sure the tape sold out for only one reason – this band is fucking killer. It will be reissued as part of a 2xCS discography on Land of Decay and as an LP on Pesanta. Look sharp.

  10. Gilead Media will get a super small, almost not worth posting, tiny handful of these. Kyle is sending them to me this week. Get your ordering fingers ready. Nine, yes, Nine. They will sell out in like an hour.

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