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OMGVinyl is a blog from the people that brought you OMGPosters.  It focuses on news about vinyl record releases, especially limited edition products.

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  1. Hey I came across this site from your poster blog, which I love. Looking forward to how this one develops! I just wondered if you knew about vivalavinyl.org, it’s a vinyl trading message board where I get a lot of rare and OOP stuff.

    – Beth

  2. I like the site!

  3. I gotta say this is one hell of a site. Just dropped $150 on various records posted. Thanks….I love the inclusion of the play tab….hooks me up and reels me in.


  4. Are you guys really based out of Sioux City, Iowa?

  5. Indeed.

  6. i cant believe you’re based out of my town. ive been visiting this site for a while now and just found out. where the hell is natalie way lol

  7. Just discovered your website. Very cool indeed.

  8. Yea, cool Site…love Vinyl! 🙂

  9. Hi there, just dropping by to tell you how great your blog is. I spent quite a large amount of money due to your recommendations over the last two years 😉 Thanks and keep up the great work! Best regards from Germany, Nils

  10. Some of the best taste on the internet. Thanks a lot I’ve discovered tons of great new music through this fantastic blog.

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