Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius 2LP

Updated 2/17/2014: Now available at shop-hellsheadbangers.com or darkdescentrecords.com.

One of our favorite 2013 releases is now available on vinyl thanks to Iron Bonehead, and being distributed in the US by NWN for discerning listeners. A disorientating descent into a maelstrom of blackened, deathly miasmas pressed properly onto two LPs. Get it at nwnprod.com. Gone for now, kids. Expect more to show up in stock at NWN and other distros.

Abyssal - Novit Enim 2LP


4 Responses to “Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius 2LP”

  1. Hm, link leads no where. Hope they fix it soon, I’ve been waiting to pick this bad boy up.

  2. That means it is gone from NWN for now. I will bump the post with restocks and/or other distros.

  3. Anyone find this lp yet?

  4. You can order directly from Iron Bonehead . com, they are the label that pressed the vinyl.

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