Agalloch “Pale Folklore” 2xLP

Updated 11/25/13: Anybody still looking for a copy of this can feel free to waltz on over to to pick up a copy.

The debut album from the much lauded lads in Agalloch. I’m hoping this marks the beginning of a comprehensive reissue of the entire catalog but if not, hell, it’s great to have this one on vinyl. The “exclusive special edition” on 180 gram white vinyl from The Omega Order is going to be limited to 300. I would assume they are going to be pressing a much larger edition but I actually know nothing and therefore ordered immediately, $30 price tag and all. You can too at

Agalloch - Pale Folklore 2xLP


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  1. Not available anymore!

  2. In fact, it’s limited to 1000 copies (300 for Omega, 700 for the band to be sold on European tour).

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