Aidan Baker’s “Drone Compendium” LP Series

Beta-lactam Ring’s monolithic “Drone Compendium” series, curated by Aidan Baker, is now coming to fruition. This series will include full LPs by Aidan Baker, ARC, Mnemosyne, Aidan Baker / Thomas Baker / Alan Bloor, Whisper Room, Adoran, and Nadja. That’s seven complete vinyl releases, each limited to 400 copies (200 of which are the special subscriber editions). Most will be available individually, but the Nadja release is only available in the subscription. The subscriber editions will also be upgraded to 180 gram vinyl and handmade book-bound sleeves. You can get the entire subscription for $160 shipped, or order the first three individual releases for $16 each (Aidan Baker’s “Pure Drone”, which is shipping now, is spectacular). Baker’s visionary mind will not lead you astray, the entire series should be considered essential. Hear samples for all releases and buy at


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  1. Received the first vol. last week. Stunning!

  2. Hi. Where are they? I sent payment to blrr about 4 years ago!!!! Only had two.

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