Alva Noto “Xerrox Vol. 2” 2xLP

I think I first realized I needed an ambient intervention about 3 months ago, as I was scouring the record bins for anything I could find with Brian Eno’s name on it. I recognized I had a problem, and made a stern resolve to do something about it. You know its going to take quite an album to break my iron will and make me spread my billfold again. Well, here it is. This album is amazing. Currently it does not look like any copies have made it across the seas; it will probably be a week or two for US customers, unfortunately. In the meantime, if you, like myself, cannot wait that long then you can order promptly from

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3 Responses to “Alva Noto “Xerrox Vol. 2” 2xLP”

  1. No Comments? If there’s an album of the year so far it’s this one. My LP is en route. Can’t wait to spin it!

  2. I was blown away by this album on first listen – waiting for my vinyl copy before I listen again. Apparently he uses some source material from SOMA on this record, too. It really did pull me out of an ambient rut.

  3. Got my LP last week. Sounds amazing. Definitely in my top 3 records this year. Definitely the best ambient record this year. Source material includes Ryuichi Sakamoto, Steven O’Malley [SunnO)))], Michael Nyman, and more. I was amazed at how this ablum was able to live up to its predecessor. It’s every bit as good as vol. 1 if not better, and achieves a slightly different sound and feel, but at the same time it still fits with the overall vibe of vol. 1. Can’t wait for volumes 3,4, & 5…

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