Ash Borer “demo” LP Preorder

UPDATE: This is still available at

Could we possibly announce any other record that is more worthy of your hard earned money? This incredible demo from Ash Borer is now available on vinyl, featuring an all new mix mastered from the original source. This is one of very few releases we can recall in the past several years that has literally blown us the fuck away. The swirling and cathartic blackness that this group conjures is like nothing else out there right now, and likely never will be. The vinyl comes in a letter-pressed sleeve and you can pre-order now at or at


10 Responses to “Ash Borer “demo” LP Preorder”

  1. I’ll be picking this up at Gilead Media Fest, along with a million other releases.

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  3. Managed to get in on the pre-order, very pleased about that.

  4. Still available from Pesanta/Urfolk? Don’t trust that guy with your money. He shorted me an album on my order and he never made good…never sent it and never refunded me. Seriously. You’ve been warned.

  5. Not true at all! I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with Pesanta Urfolk.

  6. i’ve never had a problem either, and i’ve ordered quite a bit from him

  7. B. Moreiies was a bad buyer, an ebay hawk and a terrible human being throughout. I’ve banned him from buying my records, and clearly that makes him salty. Any record labels dealing with an email address of “buymorelies” should refund the order right away, he’ll make your life hell.

  8. Good for you, “j,” but your pleasant experiences strangely haven’t resulted in me getting the missing album or a refund. What I said was completely true, and 300 more positive comments or orgasmic experiences don’t erase the fact that he ripped me off, and if it happened to me, it can happen to anyone else. That’s what is commonly known as a fact.

  9. B. Moreiies is a lying bitch.

  10. I ordered this from P Urfolk and got my record without any problems. Just saying…

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