Baroness “Blue Record” 2xLP Pre-order

Finally. Blue, green or 180 gram black vinyl. 1000 of each color available. Up now at $22.

UPDATE: Links are now working, and in case you missed the post above, 3xLP version now available. Get to clicking.


5 Responses to “Baroness “Blue Record” 2xLP Pre-order”

  1. this one i definitely won’t be getting- not been digging the tracks i’ve heard unfortunately

    but the packaging, the vinyl and the whole aesthetic makes me wish i loved the ‘blue record’

  2. $38 shipped is an AWESOME DEAL

    Just let me access my trust fund to buy some and I will get back to you

  3. I’m pretty averse to overpriced vinyl but I did not even hesitate on this one.

  4. I hear that all the proceeds from this release go towards Greg Drudy’s gay porn habit

  5. Gay porn ain’t cheap. I can’t really defend that pricetag, it’s clearly for suckers (like myself) only. I can say that I have absolutely no problem supporting this band. There is a $22 2xLP version for people with mortgages. And a $60 Ultimate version available for the trust fund kids. Just figure out where you fall and kindly give the man your credit card #.

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