Baroness “Blue Record” 3xLP Limited Edition Preorder

Well, we updated the previous post about the 2xLP edition of the new album from Baroness – but this really deserves it’s own post. Apologies to anyone who ordered already, but Relapse just posted the preorder for the 3xLP version of Blue Record. 3-panel gatefold jacket, 180 gram colored vinyl (A/B on opaque orange, C/D on clear blue, E/F on blue/seafoam green split), 18×24 poster and a live set from the Roadburn Festival on the 3rd LP. Limited to 1000 pieces. Fucking. Awesome. Point it at


5 Responses to “Baroness “Blue Record” 3xLP Limited Edition Preorder”

  1. Sold out already, fuck me.



  3. I’ve seen that a lot where a pre-order is listed as out of stock. I don’t know if that means anything or not, seeing as this gets released in January. I went ahead and placed my order and it worked for now.

  4. Relapse pre-orders always show up as “out of stock” – as long as you can find the “PRE-ORDER” button then you are good to go.

  5. there is a version with a slipmat, tote bag, and t-shirt with the 3xlp for 60 bucks up there at as well

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