Baroness “First & Second” LP

Wow, so glad this is finally out. Stop scouring eBay and get over to Robotic Empire to pick up these early recordings from the mighty Baroness. You don’t get any sweet Baizley etchings (First is on side A and Second is on side B) but you do get a badass gatefold cover and and that equates to at least 48 inches of awesome artwork (not including the LP sleeves!). 1000 copies on black vinyl, 500 on olive and 500 on red – released by Hyperrealist, available at

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10 Responses to “Baroness “First & Second” LP”

  1. Good to see Robotic Empire is handling this as Hyperrealist is the worst label I’ve dealt with in almost two decades of record buying.

  2. Hyperrealist is a great label with a ton of rad releases and the guy running it is a super nice dude. However, his fulfillment skills leave a lot to be desired, and some might say that’s half the battle (at least). You can also order this from the Hyperrealist site if you so desire.

  3. Never did get my Red album from Hyperrealist, was a pain to get in contact with, and never got a refund.

  4. I agree with JasonSlc, never received my Baroness-Red Album LP from Pat (Hyperrealist owner).

  5. Agreed with everyone above, glad that RE is handling some of these.

  6. Also still waiting for my Red-Album, never get any feedback on my e-mails. would be cool if he send back the money, still hoping he is not a bad guy!

  7. Jason, Hardcore Shirt, Martin and George – contact me at the email address on our website. I’ll get you sorted out.

  8. Never got my Baroness / Black Tusk / Skeletonwitch LPs from Pat either. Won’t be ordering from Hyperealist again. The guy is full of shit. Expensive lesson learnt.

  9. Pat (Hyperrealist) – yesterday I received original Baroness – Red Album LP, as well as bonus Baroness – First/Second LP. It took two years but ended happily.

  10. So I just ordered this from Hyperrealist direct as they appear to still have black copies left. Are there still issues in ordering from Hyperrealist? Has anyone done it recently?

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