Beach House “S/T” LP Reissue

Following their enormous recent success, Heart Break Beat Records has reissued the debut self-titled album by Beach House.  It was originally VERY limited (like, 500), and goes for big bank on eBay, so this is definitely a welcomed repress.  This record finds the duo at their dreamiest, popiest, and most original.  The new vinyl pressing is only $20 shipped, hopefully you didn’t shell out a bunch of money on the aftermarket.  Visit

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9 Responses to “Beach House “S/T” LP Reissue”

  1. buying 10 of these when it first came out was a great decision

  2. hoarding is akin to fuckwit thinking

  3. Exactly why I hate limited releases. People buy them all out just to sell them for ridiculous prices later

  4. drag city is one of my favorite labels.

    they don’t do ridiculous, colored, foiled, numbered limited pressings;
    they do keep an album in print if it continues to sell.


  6. I have an original with a personal autograph. Want to buy it aaaa?

  7. i personally sign all my records too.

    with purple puffy paint

  8. did you really just brag about a beach house autograph?


  9. aaaa you bought 10 copies of Beach House’s original album before they got popular so you could eventually resell them. THAT was a dumb thing to brag about. I was making fun of you with the autograph comment

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