Best Coast “Sun Was High (So Was I)” 7″

Looks like there’s a new pressing of Best Coast’s “Sun Was High (So Was I)” 7″ available.  If you’re new to this band, today is your lucky day, former Pocahaunted member Bethany Cosentino’s Best Coast project is responsible for some of the absolute best sun-drench garage-pop being played today.  They’re already unbelievably hyped and beyond collectible, all before even releasing a single full-length.  Anyway, this new solid orange pressing is available for $9 shipped at

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5 Responses to “Best Coast “Sun Was High (So Was I)” 7″”

  1. I don’t care who it is—$9 for a 7″ is outrageous.

  2. @TWB Agreed. When did it become cool to milk us vinyl junkies? Aren’t we some of the last people that are actually still buying physical product? Oh well, that does include shipping. And solid orange does sound cool. Damn. They got me again!

  3. It costs a lot of money to make 7″s anymore, almost to the point of not making sense. Before copies go to the band, they probably paid at least $3/record, after a band split, probably over $4, shipping costs $2.50 or so, Paypal fees, etc. They’ll end up with like $6 on a record that probably has a per unit cost of $4. Noone is getting rich here.

  4. Fuck ebay.

  5. “I don’t care who it is—$9 for a 7″ is outrageous.”

    Oh shut the hell up! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Cheapskate. 😛

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