Black Sabbath – “s/t” and “Master of Reality” Reissues

There is no denying the dark majesty of these early Black Sabbath albums – if you don’t like them then you don’t like Metal and it’s gonna be tough for us to become friends. I’m not sure if these new Warner Brothers reissues will feature the remastered audio found on the recent deluxe CD reissues, but it sure beats trying to track down the original olive label WB pressings. Available for pre-order from


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  1. YES!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!



    I have the original olive label pressings but I’ll take an upgrade any day! FUCKIN’ A this world needs more old school Sabbath! Thanks for the heads up! 8)

  2. didn’t Earmark re-press the majority of the Sabbath catalog a few years back?

  3. you mean rhino? yeah some of it

  4. There are Rhino reissues out there as well as Earmark “direct metal mastered” reissues. You can also find “NEMS” reissues, which sound like garbage.

    edit: Well apparently Rhino and Warner Bros are one in the same now. Can’t really find any info about these new pressings besides they are 180 gram. The recent remastered CDs were done by a European label, I think. The only thing I know for sure is that if you do not own any Black Sabbath albums then you fail at life.

  5. the Earmark re-ish’s always made me ‘LOL’ considering they were being sold from $18-$24 with OG’s in the same pile for $3-$8 (considering the condition of course). Earmark’s are cool it when you’re looking for a copy of ‘Morbid Tales’ on wax and don’t wanna break the bank. but considering Sabbath LPs are overly common, it didn’t make much sense… 180gm and all… BFD. anyways, enough with the represses!

  6. These guys sound like Torche right?

  7. Forced Exposure has these two albums in their new releases listed as 180 gram on the NEMS label. Who knows what the deal is, I’ll keep looking for the WB olive labels.

  8. The Rhino reissues look extremely authentic, and sound great! The NEMS label looked much more faded on the outer cover in comparison, if this says anyting about the company its that they dont put quality into their releases. I do have a copy of Sabotage on clear vinyl from Earmark, snd I personally think it sounds great. Maybe it isn’t the best but it sounded very nice. the Rhino copies I have sound amazing. Any comments?

  9. I’ve got all the Rhino Sabbath releases and can tell you the sound is amazing.Unlike the sanctuary versions these are analogue remasters not digital.The sleeves are full reproductions of the original sleeve,s

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