Bongripper “Satan Worshipping Doom” 2xLP

2012 Update: This OMGV favorite is now available for a THIRD time. Do not sleep on it again! BONGRIPPER.COM

The name of the band is Bongripper. The name of the album is Satan Worshipping Doom. I’m not really certain what other hyperbole I could throw at this release to help you wrap your head around what lies within these vinyl grooves. Elucidation can be sought at Fulfillment can be obtained at


8 Responses to “Bongripper “Satan Worshipping Doom” 2xLP”

  1. A double LP from Bongripper entitled “Satan Worshipping Doom.” How could I NOT buy it? Nice cover art as well.

  2. Hey assholes, what’s the artist name for the painting?

  3. Just kidding you guys are great. Mike Miller is sick!

  4. Lolz. Cover art is truly insane.

  5. Why did they wait till the second pressing to do colored vinyl?! It ain’t fair. Oh well, I suppose black is more appropriate.

  6. Ahhh Awesome record, Chicago boys too.

    The first press came with an Mp3 Download ticket, and a choice of 3 different digital formats.

  7. If you dint have this one, get it now. really awesome record.

  8. this will sell out again people dont pass it up and wait for exorbitant ebay prices

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