Bonobo “The North Borders” Pre-order

Ninja Tune has announced the imminent release of the newest album from Bonobo, aka Simon Green. And guess what? It’s wonderful. Every new sound from the man is more lush and more pristinely produced than the last. If you haven’t listened to Bonobo before, go back and do your homework (and/or check out the link below to stream the new album). Otherwise, just decide whether you would prefer the new album on a lavishly packaged 7×10″ boxset, or a no-frills, utilitarian 2xLP. The North Borders can be pre-ordered fromĀ or

Go stream Bonobo’s The North Borders via

Bonobo - The North Borders


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  1. i just do not understand these 7×10″ boxsets and such!
    man they must cost loads to produce, and they suck to listen too, right?!

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