Boris “Absolutego” & “Amplifier Worship” 2xLPs

Doom fans were in for a treat this weekend, as not one but three massive vinyl editions from Southern Lord were made available to order. The SL shop has unveiled some crucial vinyl editions of very early work from Boris, with revamped artwork and re-edited music made to fit onto the vinyl format. There has been some grumbling about splitting up Absolutego to fit onto two LPs, but that didn’t stop me from ordering a copy. Both editions look beautiful, with Absolutego limited to 1000 on red vinyl and 2000 on black, and Amplifier Worship similarly limited to 1000 on green, 2000 black – all heavyweight 180 gram. Package deal available, worship at the altar:


4 Responses to “Boris “Absolutego” & “Amplifier Worship” 2xLPs”

  1. Fuck. Yes. Now if only SL didn’t have the worst possible customer service…

  2. Word is they’ve got that all turned around now thanks to “The Warrior”. Last issue I had with them was resolved quickly and politely.

  3. ordered with a quickness

  4. Got these and everything is perfect. Awesome!

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