Boris “Attention Please” & “Heavy Rocks” LP Pre-order

Like every other warm-blooded doom fan on the internet, I have been furiously trying to make sense of Boris’ spring release line-up while simultaneously fending off a knee-jerk reaction to declare these releases completely unworthy of me caring. Blame the Ian Astbury collab for that, some bad tastes just never wash out. In any case, to the best of my knowledge, Boris have four proper albums coming out (or out already?) and two of those are coming from Sargeant House in North America. Attention Please is the first Boris album to feature Wata vocals on every track. I’m not necessarily against that, check the song below. Heavy Rocks is not the same as the last Heavy Rocks but will allegedly see Boris return to their “heavy roots”. I am not necessarily against that either, but I still have one eyebrow cocked skeptically. You can pre-order both of these releases for a reasonable price at

UPDATE: Insound has kindly supplied the following discount codes (which should work this time). Here you go guys:
10% off coupon: OMGBoris10

15% off coupon when you spend $50 or more: OMGBoris15

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7 Responses to “Boris “Attention Please” & “Heavy Rocks” LP Pre-order”

  1. i thought the ‘attention please’ album was a RSD exclusive? gatefold, single LP limited to i believe 3500 copies for $28. i know for certain Crooked Beat in DC will be selling it on RSD.

  2. PS, the coupon codes do not work (at least when ordering the Boris w/anything else)

  3. indeed, the coupon codes don’t work even if i’ve only got the two new records (+ vinyl versions) in my cart. fix it and you’ve got my money 😉

  4. Did anyone ever get the coupon code to work?

  5. Emailed Insound, we’ll see if they reply.

  6. The CDs aren’t due to be released until April 26th.

    I’m surprised people think the downloads would be active over a month ahead of the actual release date.

  7. We’re talking about the coupon code for discounted prices, not a download coupon code.

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