Boris “Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol 3″ 7”

Well, I cannot lie – this is the one I’ve been waiting for. I’ll just go ahead and let Wata sell this one. Order from


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  1. hoping mine shows up soon. can’t wait to see what the exclusive vol. 4 is.

  2. “The fourth single contains the exclusive track: “Seasons” featuring vocals by WATA. The B-side has an etching of the new Boris logo”

    – from the SL site

  3. Thanks for the info. Still haven’t gotten mine, even though the local record shops already have Vol. 3. Hope someone didn’t jack my mailbox!

  4. Someone had posted on the SL blog that the Subscription Series would be delayed because of the 4th single and that shops would be receiving the 3rd single before SL was able to send them out to people that ordered on the site. Everything should be shipping out now, though. So expect it soon. I’m not crazy about colored vinyl, but I really enjoy the purple wax on the limited singles.

  5. Good to know. Purple is a nice color for limited vinyl. The new Rafael Anton Irisarri is really cool. Most purple vinyl I’ve seen is transparent, so it’s cool to see that opaque bowling ball purple…

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