Boris “New Album” 2xLP

I’m not even trying to keep up with the logistics of the Boris discography at this point. Pretty sure that New Album has already been released in Japan as a limited and expensive vinyl version, and also that some of these songs may or may not already appear on other “new albums” from Boris that came out this year. In any case, I love this band and am fairly certain that they are responsible for the incessant ringing in my right ear that I have just start noticing in the last few months. God bless ’em. Get it at


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  1. 20.99 from us 🙂

  2. This year was certainly a confusing one for Boris fans, but I was in touch with Sargent House about this release and they say that the recordings here are completely new ones from the Japanese “New Album” that was released this past spring. It also seems (as usual) that the cd and vinyl release even have different mixes; so this makes the forth full album release from Boris (not counting the two side released – one with Stephen O’Malley and one with Merzbow) this year, though many of the songs cross between all four releases, they are different mixes. Completists beware.

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