Boris Vinyl Onslaught Continued

How many Boris albums do you need to get you through to 2012? Hopefully no more than four – along with the aforementioned vinyl releases on Sargeant House, Boris is also pushing out two new albums on Daymare and publishing a Boris-related release on their very own Inoxia Record imprint. Are you following? Not sure that I am. I’ll reserve judgement on new track “Partyboy” below, I’d be more interested to hear what you guys think. Klatter is a live collaboration with Merzbow, and it is my understanding that at least three of the five tracks on that album are from Akuma No Uta. I’ll take solace in that. If you can read Japanese, then you can click the following links to figure out how many dollars worth of disappointment this is going to cost you. Just kidding, guys. Love you Boris! Going to listen to my copy of Amplifier Worship now…

Boris New Album
Boris with Merzbow Klatter
Stephen O’Malley & Atsuo Uroborus Circuit


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  1. He is a link to English website.

  2. Any idea if there is an english language version of the Daymare site?

  3. @Nude… try using the Google language tools/translator. it MIGHT help but haven’t tried it myself, i can’t say it will.

    imo, cuz everyone asked :), Boris jumped the shark years ago. if anything, since Smile, they seem to pump out garbage year over year and release the same album four times over with alternate track listing or mixing or packaging and everyone lines up and spends willy nilly on the same stupid shit. their money, not mine, so be it, but i can’t help but feel they’re taking the piss outta their die-hard fans. just my 2 cents.

  4. It is always disconcerting when you absolutely love a band’s former output and they veer in some completely new direction that leaves you with a feeling of loss. While it has been “years” since Smile, it is their last actual full-length album. I haven’t heard all of their mini-releases since then, like the splits with Torche and the 7″ trio, but at this point I don’t think anyone outside the band really knows where they are heading or where they will end up. I can’t begrudge any band for trying new things, especially one with such a potent canon. I may not enjoy some of their newer stuff as much (but I might), but I know it will be worth giving it a real chance.

    That said, I decided weeks ago, staring at that page composed in 99% Japanese the day it went on pre-order that I couldn’t justify spending $56 + shipping from Japan on one album when there’s so much other great new music at 1/4th the price. The album art is amazing though.

    I discovered you have to click on the American flag under “languages” along the right margin of any given page to translate THAT page into English. It looks like if you allow cookies it will remember the preference. Otherwise, it’s page by page.

    I wonder if any disruptions or delays might result from the ongoing catastrophes in Japan. What an awful nightmare. If there’s a silver lining, maybe some of the fish stocks and whales may get a temporary breather from the usual constant death-pressure towards extinction.

    Thanks to South Park, I now know why the Japanese hate dolphins and whales. Godspeed my cetacean brothers and sisters.

  5. yikes. totally agree with above poster that boris jumped the shark after smile. this newest track is beyond ghastly to me. hope it finds them a new and appreciative audience because it seems like their old audience isn’t going to be too into this new sound.

    my real beef with them isn’t that they’re changing sound and direction… instead it’s with their blatant cash mongering.
    what the hell is up with releasing four records at once? can hardly wait til we see the brazilian version with bonus tracks of each. oh yeah, then the southern lord version and the ultra-limited $300 box set version. let the merchandising beast be sated!

    inoxia site is in english here:

  6. Don’t like it don’t buy it!

  7. I am really digging the “Klatter” release. The song “Jane”is awsome!!!!!

  8. I just received both of these LPs plus the Steven O’Malley & Atsuo collaboration yesterday. They shipped the day of the earthquake and arrived in three business days! Hurray for Japanese efficiency! So far I’ve only had time to listen to New Album, and while I can’t say I’m wild about it as a whole, there are a few tracks on it that are really good. You have to kind of just sit back and laugh when listening to parts of it, where it seems like they’ve really gone out of their way to find the cheesiest keyboard sounds available. The artwork of all three records is really beautiful. I’m actually more excited about Attention Please and the new Heavy Rocks…

  9. I think it would make more sense for them to release things much more spread out if their main goal was simply cashing in, given that most people are limited to some degree on how much they can spend. They’re just freaks and they’re going to do whatever the hell they want, like Cartman. “Whatevah! Whatevah! I do what I want!”

    The most abusive pure merch slinging and cashing in I’ve seen in some time are Puscifer and Caduceus cellars, where Maynard cashed in on his TOOL fame hawking merch for YEARS before ever releasing any music and about the same time started selling his grotesquely overpriced wine (some in the $70++ per bottle range) on a tour of Whole Foods stores.

  10. Anybody remember the days when The Beatles and The Stones released two albums per year and two or three non album singles? And the Beach Boys were initially contracted to release three albums per year? And Pink Floyd released at least one album per year from ’67-’73? It’s now an oddity to consider the volume of music groups used to release in those days. The record companies are now more concerned with milking a release for as long as they can before even considering a new recording by the artist. And making sure a major release doesn’t conflict with someone else’s major release and therefore hurt potential sales. That’s partially why you only get a Coldplay album (for example) every few years, AND they won’t release it the same year U2 release an album. And for the next year and a half or so, singles will be issued from the latest album until the last bit of interest or profit dries up and they pause the career of the artist until it is profitable to release something new to ride on for a couple of years. And if you forget about the artist on haitus in the mean time, they just don’t get to make another album and the next flavour of the month gets the big push (for a couple of years). It’s just nice to see an artist like Boris that isn’t reined in by a major label’s agenda.

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