Box of Baricua 12x45rpm

Hmmm… this is interesting. So while Numero Group was working on tracking down tunes for a new compilation they are working out – featuring “Chicago-by-way-of-Puerto Rico Salsa, Latin funk, Guaguanco, Guajira, Merengue, Bolero, and Rumba” – they happened across a storage spaced filled with 152 copies each of 12 different original 45s from the Ebirac label. What to do? Box ’em up and sell them for $25 apiece. That’s a hell of a deal for original dead stock 45’s, and any of you crate diggers out there better be snatching this up immediately – they have less than 75 boxes left. Songs cover the range of “the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome”. Sound cool? Check it out at


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  1. Any idea what shipping (US) might run on this thing?

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