Bullion “Say Goodbye To What” 7″

Speaking of Bullion (see Pet Sounds In The Key of Dee below), apparently the guy has a smokin’ new 7″ out and it is in a tiny edition of only 40. One hazy, finger-snapping tune per side, this will set you back £5 at bullion.bandcamp.com.

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14 Responses to “Bullion “Say Goodbye To What” 7″”

  1. this shit is really fucking goood

  2. Smokin! Ordered, thanks for the heads up.

  3. also, there is no way they only pressed 40 of these

    if this was a lathe release or something i could see it…

  4. yeah where did you read that Mitchell?

  5. From the release page: “shipping on or around 25 January 2010
    edition of 40”.

  6. yeah i am not doubting that they are claiming that…but good luck finding any plant that will do a 40 record press

    that’s all I’m saying

  7. ^I was thinking that. Most plants dont want to do 100, 40 is pretty insane. I ordered, because of the music, but it is limited, cool. I just feel if it was truly limited to 40, it would have sold out in a hour or so and it would cost near $20 for a 7″ ha

  8. Yeah not sure how you get away with doing an edition of 40. I mean Bullion isn’t that popular but still…

    If any of ya’ll are into this and have not checked out the Young Heartache 12″, you really probably should. Might still be able to snag it somewhere.

  9. only 6 left

  10. yes cool thanks! yes grab young heartache too!

  11. Apparently you can also still grab this song on vinyl here:


  12. Spewing…SOLD OUT!!!.
    ….but at 40 pieces that was gonna happen quick smart.
    But there are at least 3 online stores (such as Cargo) saying they will be stocking it on the 18th of January 2010 & So what gives?
    Hopefully that was just a special edition…

    Me must have…

  13. Hi all,

    It’s an edition of 1000. We saved 40 for the bandcamp page, and the way Bandcamp works, it displays the number in stock as the size of the edition. We didn’t mean to mislead anyone and if you missed out you’ll find plenty of shops stocking it in the next couple of weeks.


    Alex, One-Handed Music

  14. Ooof, can’t say I would have paid almost $15 for a 7″ if I had known that.

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