Burial / Four Tet Split 12″

UPDATE: Repressed?! Hurry – forcedexposure.com.

I almost shat literally when I got this email announcement from BLEEP. A split 12″ with new material from Four Tet and Burial? You guys, this is gonna be realllly good. A 12″ EP with a side per artist – black jacket, black sleeves, black vinyl. There is none more black. Moth/Wolf Cub is $8.99 and that comes to about $15 after shipping. Do not hesitate. This will virtually fly off of the virtual shelves. Bleep.com.


7 Responses to “Burial / Four Tet Split 12″”


  2. I’ve got my copy!

  3. You’ve received it? If so, please tell us more… how many tracks? awesome? not awesome?

  4. awesome

  5. Howdy Folks,
    Is this new material or a repress?

  6. Repress. Not new material. I doubt Forced Exposure has any left in stock.

  7. Just in case anyone wants a copy I just got one from turntablelab.com . I’m pretty sure they still got em in stock.

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