Burial + Four Tet + Thom Yorke = Sold Out

I feel bad even telling you all about this, because as of right now the chances of obtaining a copy are looking pretty fucking slim. I checked the Bleep link ten minutes after getting the email and it was already long gone. Not much to say – I’m not sure you could put three artists together on a 12″ and get more of a “holy shit I need this now” reaction from the masses. Bleep claims they will be posting a few more copies for sale, plus this should be going up at Boomkat and Redeye at some point, but I doubt we will be able to post the news in time. So if you want a copy, look sharp!

UPDATE: Check the comments for potential leads.


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  1. Just picked up a copy from redeye. Seems to be some left anyways,

  2. phonicarecords.com also had them, but not now. Maybe they’ll get some more in stock or when orders are processed. Just thought somebody might want to keep a look out there too.

  3. BAM!


  4. Thanks @Cuntaloupe

  5. cuntaloupe is my very own personal jesus christ right now. had a mini-heart attack

  6. Copy from redeye came to $14 shipped to the States. Not bad (and still available).

  7. This site really came in handy this afternoon! I had struck out multiple times this morning, but my daily perusal led to cuntaloupe’s magic comment…BAM! indeed!!!
    Thank you so much dude(s)- can’t wait to get this!!!

  8. Juno also has it up and listed as TBA i am sure we’ll see copies up on Norman and rushhour and Chemical records as well.

  9. Hey guys I just managed to order one here:


    Says it’s limited to 300 copies. Good luck!

  10. that’s crazy if it’s actually limited to 300!

  11. Just got one at recordstore.co.uk!

  12. … ahem : http://www.jumborecords.co.uk/music-item.asp?product_id=TEXT010

  13. recordstore.co.uk is now sold out.. anybody know anywhere else?! ahhh! :(

  14. @innocents-papa

    thank you. right on time! 😛

  15. @innocents-papa

    THANKS!!! Made my day!

  16. i know it’s dumb, but i’m sick to my stomach right now. anyone got an extra?

  17. @ j^
    don’t worry, i was too when the one i had ready to go was sold out by the time i clicked “go!”


  18. so i drank a beer, i’m fine now.

  19. Keep an eye on Rough Trade tomorrow, they’re supposed to put some up.

  20. Boomkat has not listed copies yet. Neither has Juno Records. If you create an account there you can sign up for email notification when released.

  21. thank you guys. this blog is a multiple-times daily site for me.
    cape cod <3 u

  22. You can listen to radio rips of two tracks via Pitchfork: http://pitchfork.com/news/41892-hear-one-of-the-thom-yorkefour-tetburial-collaborations/

  23. Banquet Records have a few more up http://www.banquetrecords.com/text010

  24. fingers crossed! thanks

  25. Signed up at Juno. If anyone else has other ideas I would greatly appreciate it!

  26. http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servlet/Info?Track=TEXT010

  27. i have doubts on the 300 copies rumor

  28. thanks for the up

  29. Wow. “Mirror” is sounding amazing.

  30. Anyone know anything about Chemical Records? I find it hard to believe shipping from UK to US is only 2GBP.

  31. Fairly certain they are completely legit.

  32. i’ve ordered from chemical lots of times, your good

  33. I’ve looked around and these seem to be all gone… any final places to look? Thanks.

  34. look them up on boomkat and juno and you can sign up to be emailed when they are put in stock. good luck!

  35. get em while you can


  36. Grabbed a copy. Thanks James!

  37. Up on Juno!

  38. Thank you so much Cuntaloupe I will try to do the same for you someday.

  39. http://bleep.com/index.php?page=release_details&releaseid=28822

  40. Up on Boomkat now: http://boomkat.com/vinyl/391341-burial-four-tet-thom-yorke-ego-mirror

  41. probably the last place left, maybe rushhour and norman will have them as well, we’ll see


  42. In @ Boomkat and Juno. Be quick

  43. Got mine from Juno!

  44. ps thanks to Cuntaloupe and Cahn!

  45. Do you think that I missed the boat? I’m kicking myself for sleeping on this.

  46. up on Norman Records

  47. I think they’re all gone now. I signed up to the bleep newsletter and within minutes of getting the email and placing the order it was out of stock again. I like how most of the sites were “one per customer”. It’s tragic when a fan gets financially raped on eBay because some scalper decided to get 2 or 3. For anyone who is still looking.. I wish you luck. I thank cuntaloupe for the links. Very thankful.

  48. Sold out on Norman

  49. Wow, I think I literally just got the last one from Boomkat. Thanks a million to all who posted links on this page.

    Oh, and for a piece of real OMG vinyl, check this out: http://www.vfeditions.com/product/view/29

    500 copies, $580 each.

  50. Thanks everybody for posting the links. There is no way Mitch and I would have been able to keep up at that rate. Hopefully everybody who wanted a copy will be able to snag one.

  51. Not lying, I had it in my Boomkat cart, and something hiccuped on the internet and it was gone.

    My loss is cjethomas’ gain it seems. Thems the breaks.

  52. Thanks to Cuntaloupe — a testament to all that is good about being a regular OMG Vinyl reader.

  53. No f’ing joke it is up now:


    just nabbed one. GO!

  54. It’s available again at Chemical, who knows for how long?


  55. On the GrooveDis it says no guarantee that we can fill your full orders. I don’t know what that means. Could be sold out but their site still lets you order?

  56. anyone know how many of these were pressed?

    back up on redeye!


  57. just got an email saying that my recordstore.co.uk order may not get fulfilled. but they said they may still get more next week so i’ll keep hoping.

  58. Just got an email from recordstore.co.uk saying they might not be able to fulfill my order. Lame!

  59. Groovedis just shipped mine today, but out-of-stock again!

  60. forced exposure US said in an email:

    “We are suppose to get copies of the repress in a couple weeks but have not received confirmation yet”

    looks like they are printing more.
    my copy has “FEB 2011” etched near the center

  61. anyone know how legit this site is?


  62. http://www.secondlayer.co.uk had copies yesterday. I picked one up in person.

  63. Four Tet posted this to their twitter a few days ago so don’t overpay for it if you can wait a week or two”

    “More ego/mirror getting pressed at the moment… hope to have it in the shops soon.”

  64. Back up for sale on Bleep.


  65. Out of stock again…

    I got my order refunded from sounds of the universe today, but managed to order from Bleep while it was available.

  66. Just picked mine up today at Concerto Records in Amsterdam. I don’t know if they do shipping, but maybe someone knows somebody there. My copy says FEB2011, so I guess it’s a first pressing. Me lucky :)

  67. available at forced exposure again…
    new pressing maybe, check your runout groove


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