Tashi Dorji – Appa LP

Released by Bathetic, “Appa” is the newest LP of solo guitar improvisations by Tashi Dorji. Some of the movements venture into American Primitive mode, while others veer close to free jazz territory. In either case…Dorji’s sometimes delicate, sometimes angular playing is masterful in the way it feels like its falling down the stairs, but with […]

Tilth – Country Music LP

There is a new Tilth release on the newly christened Minnesota label Round Bale Recordings (from the mind that brings you the FFFoxy Podcast) entitled “Country Music.” This follow up to 2012’s “Angular Music” presents the familiar tape and guitar work you’d expect from previous efforts, but also provides a new depth with the addition […]

Sungod – Sungod LP

Holodeck won’t quit. Their newest release, a self titled slab from Austin’s Sungod, is a super rad Americana-Krautrock sandwich that folds space-time and allows dusty slide-guitar work to meld seamlessly with arpeggiated synth explorations that should get all the beardos and long-hairs riled up. Fire up the lasers and get on with the show! Available […]

drcarlsonalbion – Gold LP

It’s shaping up to be a busy year for Dylan Carlson, chief gunslinger in the slo-mo desperado outfit Earth. You may (or may not) be familiar with his solo work as drcarlsonalbion, a guise under which he has recently released a score for a German Western film titled Gold.  Three colors of vinyl, equal to a pressing of […]

Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff – Melodies for a Savage Fix LP

Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff join forces for Important Records, spooling out a full length of acoustic, droney goodness culled from a single night of meditative improvisation. Pick up Melodies for a Savage Fix on limited and lovely red vinyl at importantrecords.com.

Jenks Miller (Horseback) “Spirit Signal” Test Pressing Giveaway from Northern Spy

Oh, we already wrote this one up, right? Well, hopefully you guys pre-ordered it then. As the release date looms ever closer (September 3rd, mark your calendars), Adam from Northern Spy has graciously offered to pitch one of our lovely readers a complimentary test pressing of this new album from Jenks Miller, performed under his […]

Good Stuff House “s/t” LP

This is the second piece of vinyl I have received from Holodeck Records, and this is the second time I have been blown away shortly after dropping the needle on an LP that (aside from the Holodeck logo) was completely unknown to me. After collecting myself, I decided to read the write-up that came with […]

V/A “Turn Me Loose: Outsiders of ‘Old Time’ Music” LP

Tompkins Square continues to mine the rich history of American music for Turn Me Loose, a compilation focused on “the outsiders of ‘old time’ music”. That’s right: it’s old and weird, just like your grandpa. Painstakingly restored from 78 rpm vinyl; if you own a beard and/or a record player, you should probably consider picking […]

Steve Gunn “Time Off” LP

A new album of enchanting songcraft from Steve Gunn is available to pre-order right now, shipping ten days ahead of its June 18th release date. Apparently this marks his first album with a full band, which of course includes long time collaborator John Truscinski. If you think all the golden singer-songwriter albums can only be […]

Golden Gunn LP (Hiss Golden Messenger + Steve Gunn)

If any of you were out waiting in lines on Saturday (and I’m sure you were), then hopefully you had a chance to pick up this excellent new LP on Three Lobed featuring Steve Gunn and Hiss Golden Messenger, pressed up extra special for Record Store Day 2013. If not, here’s your chance to try […]