Remember that tape that you ordered that you never received? The one that you emailed the label about several times and were repeatedly told “this will ship next week” before all possibility of a reply or a PayPal refund were apparently sucked into some sort of cosmic black vortex (hmmm… maybe that’s what their logo represents). Oh, […]

Death – Leprosy LP

I’m not sure how much longer you should wait to pull the trigger on the Relapse-mailorder-exclusive-deluxe-boxset-edition of this essential reissue from Death. At $60 it’s probably not flying off the shelves but once it’s gone you will be kicking yourself for waiting too long to pull the trigger. Of course, you could always pick up […]

Absu – Tara 4xLP Boxset

I pray to Odin that you folks have not been sleeping on The Crypt vinyl reissues of the Absu back catalog. To do so would be a grievous error, in my estimation. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to pick up what many consider their masterpiece: Tara. This massive tome contains two […]

Actress – Ghettoville 5×12″ Boxset

Actress returns with Ghettoville, the direct successor to his debut, Hazyville. What’s more: you can now buy both albums on vinyl in an extravagant 5×12″ boxset. Big news for longtime fans, as a vinyl edition of Hazyville has been nowhere to be found until this dropped. And that new album? None too shabby, stream it […]

ABSU – The Third Storm of Cythraul / In the Eyes of Ioldánach 3LP box set

ABSU stand as unchallenged tyrants of US black metal, and The Crypt’s box-set reissues have been nothing short of breath-taking, if not to the extreme detriment of your Paypal balance. Hey, it’s worth every damned penny. There is no other label out there putting this much care and consideration into their reissues, certainly not within […]

Natural Snow Buildings – Daughter of Darkness 8xLP Box Set

Holy 8 LP box set! Natural Snow Buildings, seasoned practitioners of the long-form drone, are releasing their 6xCS drone bonanza, Daughter of Darkness, as an 8xLP drone bonanza. Thanks in no small part to the efforts of Ba Da Bing Records, who also released the Night Coercion into the Company of Witches 4xLP box set. […]

Watain “The Wild Hunt” Pre-orders

Well, the time has come. While I’m sure every messageboard in the blogosphere absolutely cannot wait to hear about how much you do or do not care about the new album from Watain, in the meantime you need to decide whether you actually want to order and/or listen to it. And if you decide you […]